Female, age 60 – Overweight, severe chemical and food sensitivities, frequent colds and flus

Female, age 60, 30-40 pounds overweight. Gets upset when you ask her to step on the scale. We have to turn her backwards and hide her weight from view.

Every so often you’ll have a patient that comes in with so many symptoms it is difficult to know where to begin. Nothing tests out medically. She is universally sensitive to foods, odors, weather change and almost anything else that crosses her path. If anyone in her circle gets an infection, she is sure to catch it. She is the classic immuno-suppressed and inflamed patient.

I have been able to provide some relief, but there has been no permanent correction.

Taking a chance on her being able to tolerate SHAPE ReClaimed, I started her on the program and kept close watch over her progress. Her success was staggering. She dropped 22 pounds, felt energized, no indigestion and was not sick once during the first 40 days. The moment she discontinued the SHAPE supplement, her symptoms began to slowly trickle back in.

I have no idea where this patient will end up, but I have determined that SHAPE ReClaimed will be a part of her protocol, regardless of diet. As she began to introduce foods commonly consumed before starting the program, her symptoms began to appear. She is learning to eat a more anti-inflammatory diet. As a side note, I previously did a food sensitivity test a number of years prior, and she avoided all foods that tested positive. We both learned there were many other foods causing her health symptoms once she narrowed her diet tighter during Phase I of the SHAPE program.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed