Female, age 60 – Allergies, joint pain, sinus pain, overweight

Patient Information 

Name: MaryAnn D. 
Age: 60 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’6” 
Weight: 230 lbs 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Allergies, joint pain, sinus pain 

Medications/Supplements: Multivitamin, calcium, B complex, digestive enzymes, Claritin 

Medical Testing Results: Elevated homocysteine, elevated cholesterol (total and LDL) 


Length of time on the SHAPE Program11 months 

Medications/Supplements: Endotrim 


Lowered LDL, homocysteine at normal ranges, 80 pounds released, one very happy lady who created the “You Living Lighter” coaching program that Dr. Carucci and a few other SHAPE practitioners use with their patients. 


An amazing journey to health and well-being and the creation of a new endeavor to help other patients on the path. 

Submitted by Dr. Gina Carucci 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

I always told my patients, “I am the employee and you are the employer.” Developing a servant’s heart when working with all who enter your offices is the ultimate way to become successful. 

With the help and guidance of Dr. Carucci, this patient was successful! Her weight went from 230 pounds to 150 pounds, lab numbers improved and symptoms were eliminated. That’s exactly what we want for all our patients. Working one-on-one with our SHAPE patients and developing a personal relationship with them is very rewarding.  

The real victory comes from this patient having such great success with the SHAPE ReClaimed program that she created a “You Living Lighter” coaching program to help others on their journey back to ReClaiming their health. 

Dr. Cass often talks about legacy (not your legacy, but the legacy). This patient understands the legacy. We all can make a difference in life. I have so often told my children, life is about three things: 

  1. Passion. Be passionate about what you do and how you do it.  
  2. Integrity. Doing what’s right even when no one is watching. It’s your moral compass. 
  3. Journey. Life is all about the journey. I always say, destinations suck. Life is about what’s next.  

This patient has certainly chosen to take a different road on her life’s journey and now she’s helping others do the same.  

SELF ReClaimed is a great tool to help your patients examine many of life’s core values and help them to ReWrite their Story and ReClaim their Health. 

Great job, doc!