Female, age 58 – Overweight, migraines, joint pain, stress, constipation and indigestion

Patient Information  

Name: Sharon S. 
Age: 58 
Gender: Female  
Height: 5’2” 
Starting Weight: 175.4 lbs 
Ending Weight: 148.8 lbs 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Weight 

Other Symptoms: Migraines, joint pain, stress, constipation and indigestion. 

Medications/Supplements: Bio A Curcumin, DIM, Camu Camu, Melatonin, Solray D, HypozymaseOrthobiotic, Liposomal B and Ultra Flora Intensive, buffered Mg 

Medical Testing Results: Labs were not available to us but pt was aware that she had elevated glucose and cholesterol levels. 


Length of time on the SHAPE Program8 months 

Medications/SupplementsRenafoodMetabol Complex, Green Light, Glutamine PLGU, SBI Protect, Bio A Curcumin, DIM, Melatonin, Solray D, HypozymaseOrthobiotic, Liposomal B, Buffered Magnesium, Hemp Oil Complex, Heart’s Song, Nevaton Forte and SHAPE Drops

OtherSharon started to gain weight five years ago when her husband became ill and passed away. Since then she had experienced weight gain, migraines, joint pain, stress, constipation and indigestion. She began the SHAPE Program at the end of August 2018 and a few weeks in received news that her mother-in-law was ill. She spent the next few weeks in Pennsylvania caring for her mother-in-law, who was in and out of the hospital but still sticking to the SHAPE protocol and exercising while under extreme stress. 


  • Cholesterol -174
  • HDL Cholesterol – 38
  • LDL Cholesterol – 93
  • Triglycerides – 214
  • Glucose – 99 


Regardless of what life throws your way, a comprehensive program of diet and lifestyle modification can restore and reclaim healthy patterns. You are not your medical tests! 

Submitted by Dr. Davis Brockenshire 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

I’ve always said it’s easier to help a 250pound female drop to 150 pounds than it is to take a 170pound female and help her drop to 148 pounds. It seems illogical, but it just happens to be true. 

I find it interesting that this patient’s chief complaint was weight! One would think migraines, joint pain, stress, constipation and indigestion would have been her priority. While we are all about helping patients heal, many are focused on weight loss. 

Add stress, loss of a spouse, and a list of inflammatory symptoms to the mix and shedding weight is almost impossible. You can see from the results this is a remarkable success story. 

Note the extensive supplement support that Dr. Brockenshire used to help this patient as well. Great job, doc!