Female, age 57 – Spasmodic dysphonia, arthritis, hypertensive, hypothyroid

Intake Symptomatology:  

A 57 y/o female cosmetologist reported to the clinic complaining of having had a sore throat a year prior which resulted in a raspy voice, diagnosed by her medical doctor as spasmodic dysphonia. She has arthritis in her hands, is hypertensive, complains of spinal and muscular pain, has environmental allergies, has hypothyroidism, and has left foot plantar fasciitis. Armour thyroid, Cardimax, and BHRT were prescribed by her medical doctor. Family history of arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.  

Clinical Assessment:  

I analyzed previous limited blood work done by her medical doctor and ordered Cyrex Array 3. Analysis of the test results indicated lipid imbalances, elevated homocysteine, adrenal issues, leaky gut, liver enzyme elevation, and a gluten intolerance problem.  

Additional testing showed systemic candidiasis and a bacterial infection.  

Patient provided information regarding spasmodic dysphonia. She wanted me to investigate Dr. Mort Cooper’s protocol for helping for her voice condition.  

Method of Treatment:  

Initially I treated my patient with Nimmo Receptor Tonus technique, spinal, extremity, and cranial manipulations for her spinal and extremity complaints and Frequency Specific Microcurrent for the vocal cord issue. Protocol for allergy desensitization was utilized for her allergy symptoms. Neuro Emotional Technique protocols were used with my patient to help with emotional issues of work, finances, and family. The 4 “R” program (remove, replace, reinoculate, and repair) was initiated to address biochemical imbalances and inflammation. A few months into treatment I discussed using the SHAPE Program for her inflammation. At that time the patient was not interested in losing weight but decided to follow the Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse Nutrition Protocol along with the SHAPE Drops to help reduce her inflammatory load.  

Results of Treatment:  

My patient responded favorably to treatment. She continued to experience symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia although her vocal cords felt less strained. I recommended that she consult another speech therapist or contact a doctor trained in Dr. Mort Cooper’s protocol. Her allergy symptoms greatly improved with desensitization treatments. Because she is a cosmetologist, she periodically experienced upper back pain and tension but her neck pain was eliminated. My patient related she has more energy, sleeps more restfully, and has fewer digestive issues. She continues to follow a gluten free diet and take supplements for leaky gut repair and the SHAPE Drops for the anti-inflammatory component.  

One month after beginning the SHAPE Drops, her 2-year duration left foot plantar fasciitis resolved. My patient vehemently refused to give up her weekend social alcohol drinking throughout the program so we reached an agreement as to what alcohol (gluten free) and the amount that would be less detrimental to her success. Even though my patient originally said she wasn’t interested in losing weight she ultimately lost 45 pounds following Phase I of the SHAPE Program. She transitioned through Phase II and now has adopted an eating lifestyle that works for her. My patient is pleased with how she feels and how she looks even though the spasmodic dysphonia isn’t resolved. 

Submitted by Dr. Diana Franklin  

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

I am forever impressed with the uniqueness and thoroughness of functional medicine doctors. Notice the numbers of techniques tried and the amount of effort put forth by Dr. Franklin. Although the dysphonia is unresolved, so many additional issues have vanished.  

I think it is imperative that we SHAPE practitioners continue our pursuit of as many techniques that can aid/help our patients. SHAPE ReClaimed is wonderful but so are many other therapies. We should all seek any and all procedures that can help our patients.