Female, age 56 – Idiopathic hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, depression, type 2 diabetes

Starting Weight – 380.5 lbs.

S.R., 56 years of age, is a pastor. Her duties revolve around fellowship and congregating, with meals culminating each event. She is also a not-for-profit director, delivering fresh fruits, vegetables and non-perishables to communities throughout the West Side of Chicago.

S.R. has been diagnosed with idiopathic hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, depression and type 2 diabetes. Although struggling with weight issues most of her life, S.R. was near clinical baseline for all conditions listed above. She was committed to changing her health and lifestyle to stop the progression of these conditions, in addition to permanent weight loss.

S.R. started the SHAPE Program in the spring of 2014. After her first couple months on the SHAPE Program, S.R. had lost 48 lbs. and 46 inches. Labs done one month after starting the SHAPE Program revealed her total cholesterol was down from 229 to 172; LDL down from 162 to 104; triglycerides stable from 117 to 111; Hgb A1C down from 6.8 to 6.4. She is off all but one of her cholesterol medications. Her blood pressure has improved from 140/82 to 120/74.

S.R. struggled with discipline during the heavy social summer months due to traveling, birthdays and events scheduled nearly every weekend. She has maintained taking the SHAPE Drops and adhering to Phase I: Basic Cleanse throughout the week while allowing herself to indulge, with limitations, during some events. She maintained her weight loss, only gaining 4.5 lbs. back during a week-long over-indulgence. That was a wake-up call. She is currently on Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse. Bi-weekly urinalyses occasionally revealed elevated bilirubin levels due to toxins released with weight loss and occasional acidic urine. Supplementation included Super Milk Thistle (IT), Homeopathic Nat phos 6x, and Gluco Balance (Biotics) for an overall multi/insulin resistance.

S.R.’s goal is to be a “Sweet 16” again. This is an attainable goal. She has lost 12.6% of her body weight! S.R. is no longer making excuses and living in her “comfort zone.” S.R. is feeling better, committed and making better choices daily since the SHAPE Program. Thank God for SHAPE ReClaimed and the transformation it has made in S.R.’s life!