Female, age 56 – Arthritis, hypertension, anxiety, edema, lack of energy, diabetes

Patient Information 

Name: Leasa B. 
Age: 56 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’9” 
Weight: 231.8 lbs 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Patient was suffering from arthritis, hypertension, anxiety, and frequent bouts of edema. Patient had a general lack of energy. 

Other Symptoms: Patient had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. She was facing multiple medicines including insulin for diabetes unless she changed her lifestyle.  

Medications/Supplements: The patient was taking Lexapro, Lasix, Potassium, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorothiazide, and Meloxicam. 

Medical Testing Results: The patient’s lab work showed a glycated hemoglobin of greater than 9.0 and showed both her cholesterol and triglycerides well outside normal ranges. 


Length of time on SHAPE Program: The patient started March 2018 and finished August 2018 for a total of 5 months on the program.

Medications/Supplements: The patient only required the standard dosing of the SHAPE Drops. 


The patient’s weight dropped from 231.8 to 185.8 for a total of 46 pounds lost. The patient lost 49 inches off her body, including 7.5 off her abdomen, 7 off her waist, and 7.5 off her ribs. Additionally, the patients blood work showed major improvements including a reduction of her glycated hemoglobin to 5.9, cholesterol 143, triglycerides 129, HDL to 26, and LDL to 91. The patient’s physician removed the patient from all prescription medication including medication for anxiety. The patient’s energy returned with abundance and was able to return to activities like walking and playing with grandchildren. Her arthritis no longer plagued her. 


The SHAPE lifestyle changed this patient’s life forever. She was ordered by her family doctor to stop taking five prescription medications and never started on numerous others to control her diabetes. She has become energized again for life. The patient is no longer nearly crippled by arthritis. On a side note, the patient’s family physician was very skeptical of this program prior to her completing of the program. 

Submitted by Pete Waddell, RN 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Personally, my success with type-2-diabetic patients who followed the SHAPE Program as outlined was 100% when I was actively practicing. Prescriptions were reduced and most eliminated them entirely! Type 2 diabetes is not a disease that needs to be “managed.” It’s a lifestyle issue that can be corrected with proper lifestyle changes.

Just look at this patient’s benefits of embracing the SHAPE Program: 5 prescriptions eliminated, edema gone, blood pressure controlled, pain reduced dramatically, energy galore and a new outlook on life. Was it worth the hard work? This patient sure thinks so.

We consider shedding 1/2 inch per pound of weight shed typical. This patient dropped a whopping 49 inches to 46 pounds. That’s spectacular!