Female, age 55 – Peri-menopause, migraines, diastolic hypertension, chronic pain, insomnia

Kathy is a 55-year old peri-menopausal female who has suffered with migraines her entire life. She also had acute glomerulonephritis as a child and due to this had diastolic hypertension since the first grade. She was never medicated for the hypertension which would go up and down and was high during her two pregnancies. She suffered from chronic pain which migrated from joint to joint and had a knee arthroscopically “cleaned up” which still continued to swell before the SHAPE Program. Add to this her insomnia and she was not able to handle stress at her high-paced job.

She was on Imitrex for headaches and continuous ibuprofen for pain. As she was not a big believer in medicine, she was looking for alternatives and some encouragement to make changes. Previously she was an athlete and missed working out due to so much pain. She became a patient to help with her chronic recurrent pain and then found the SHAPE Program!

UA examination revealed a pH of 5, elevated specific gravity and +30 protein. No blood was found in the urine. Blood pressure to start was 120/90 and weight was 169 pounds with a BMI of 30. Her tongue was swollen with scalloped edges and a thick white coat indicating Spleen dampness and Liver stagnation.

On 2/4/12 we started Kathy on Nat phos for acidity, Poria 15, an herb from Golden Flower for Spleen dampness (retention of water), and Juice Plus as well as SHAPE protocol. She did very well and continued on Phase I for 10 weeks, having lost 32 lbs. and 30 inches, she was down to 137. Transitioning to Phase 2, she started doing Core strengthening at our clinic with one of our trainers and continued to lose inches and by 8/12/12, almost 4 months from her start, had lost 40 inches and 35 lbs.!

Clinically her tongue was now pink with no swollen edges or coat, and her pH had gone up to 6 with no protein in the urine. Her blood pressure was down to 120/78 and her BMI had come down to 25. Having lost 40 inches and 35 lbs., Kathy had reclaimed her vitality and was quite pleased.

The outcome was so life-changing, without migraines, with good sleep and no knee pain, that Kathy referred me 4 patients for the SHAPE Program including her husband who then lost 35 lbs. himself!

I am happy to report Kathy has maintained her weight loss and reclaimed health status to date. I am confident in her continued success as she returns consistently for maintenance chiropractic care.

Submitted by Dr. Sharon Fitelson