Female, age 55 – Overweight, menopause, bloating, hysterectomy after leiomyosarcoma

Patient Information  

Name: L.G. 
Age: 55 
Gender: Female  
Height: 5’7” 
Starting Weight: 253 lbs 
Ending Weight: 203 lbs 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Weight, cancer prevention 

Other Symptoms:  

  • Struggled with weight loss all her life, no diet ever really worked, she was unable to keep the weight off, not necessarily due to diet as she would be eating the same quantity and quality/type.  
  • History of menopausal hot flushes.  
  • Abdominal bloating off and on. 
  • May 2012 had total abdominal hysterectomy for uterine fibroids upon which they discovered that the fibroid as stage 1 high-grade leiomyosarcoma which they surgically removed the same month and year. She lost 15 pounds during this time but she gained it back within 3 months post-surgery. 

Medications/Supplements: No current prescription medications. Supplements include SHAPE Drops, Green powder, Probiotics, B-complex, DIM liposome, Fish oil, digestive enzymes, vitamin C, vitamin D, Black Radish Intrinsic 

Medical Testing Results:  

  • Nov 2018 blood test showed low HDL, high chol/HDL ratio, high fasting glucose, increase total bilirubin, low lymphocytes. 
  • BIA measurement – only the before take as we have not yet done a follow up at this time: lean body mass 58.2% (70.9% or higher is optimum for her age group), fat mass 41.8% (29.1% or lower is optimum), intracellular water 49.7% (50% or higher is optimum), extracellular water 50.3% (50% or lower if optimum). 
  • Current UA all within normal limits 


Length of time on the SHAPE ProgramStart date May 25, 2018 Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse until present (with a bit of cheat days in between and a period of time when she was “off track for a couple of weeks due to business at work, vacation-Alaskan cruise and getting cold and flu). 

Medications/SupplementsSame as above  

  • Other: 12 oz protein intake/day and 1/2 tsp. Celtic Sea Salt/day 
  • Breathing exercises, meditation. 
  • Works out at they gym 3-5x per day doing cardio and weights. 
  • Regular acupuncture treatments during her follow-up visits after which she feels rejuvenated 


For the first time in her life she is very satisfied with the way and rate at which she has shed her toxic weight. She has high energy, hot flushes have not returned to haunt her, no more hunger sensation to overeat. She is enjoying her health journey and having a great time with the SHAPE Program. This is the only program that she has ever done where she has lost this much weight in less than a year and she was so pleased to see that even after the July 2018 Alaskan cruise she came back only to have gained 3.5 pounds at 237lbs (July 26, 2018). August 25, 2018 after getting back on track, she weighed at 225lbs! 


We have still to do a followup body composition (at the patient’s discretion). She was quite disappointed when results of the latest medical imaging report revealed 2 new lung nodules and a new peritoneal nodule so there is a concern about the recurrence of the leiomyosarcoma of the uterus. Patient was reassured and advised that she is doing amazing and that her victory has been awesome! We could be dealing with some emotional “baggage” and need to discover why she is forming these nodules. She has no history of any physical or mental abuse and she has not disclosed any emotional traumas or incidents. Given this explanation, she reports having hope that no matter what the scan showed she will continue with the SHAPE program because she just feels so good on it! Her goal is to get to 150-160 lbs! I told her to set the date this year for her goal and I would meet her there! 

Submitted by Dr. Cristina Coloma 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

On April 13th, at the launch of the book WTF? Why the Face (co-authored by Abbie Frisch Belliston and myself), Dr. Davis Brockenshire made this statement, “You cannot measure what you are preventing!” There’s undeniable truth in that statement! As those words filtered through the room that Saturday afternoon, I thought back to the birth of SHAPE ReClaimed. I built it for my menopausal wife, Linda. It was wonderfully effective and then all the miracles began to happen. Type 2 diabetes vanished. Autoimmune symptoms improved, infertility for many resolved, anxiety and depression lifted and on and on it goes. It soon became clear that the SHAPE Program was much more than a “weight loss program.” As they say, the rest is history.  

Now go back to this patients chief complaint: Weight loss and cancer prevention. Her hot flashes stopped, she has high energy and she is no longer overeating. What about the cancer? You cannot measure what you are preventing. I am convinced SHAPE ReClaimed is a significant contributing factor to preventing disease. What won’t folks suffer from just by embracing a SHAPE lifestyle?  

Great job from one of our great doctors, Dr. Coloma, in Canada. Thanks for coming to our WTF? Why the Face event in April!