Female, age 55 – Diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia

Initial Presentation/History: Teresa is a 55-year old, 5’2” female who presented at 265 pounds looking for a successful weight loss program after trying what seemed like every diet possible without long-term success. A couple months before her initial evaluation for the SHAPE Program, she started eating “clean” on her own (no sugar, wheat, flour, and using only olive oil) and lost 25 lbs. but her weight started to stall. She stated that her weight had been a lifelong battle and after being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and fibromyalgia, realized it was time for a drastic change. Her mindset was positive and she was very determined to not only lose weight but to better her overall health, especially her diabetes.

Lifestyle: Sedentary job, very seldom exercise, emotional eating patterns, moderate stress level, and frequent diet plans.

Description Symptomatology: Migraines, arthritis, hypertension, hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes with pill, fibromyalgia, low libido, peri-menopausal with hot flashes, anxiety and mood changes, low self- esteem, asthma, seasonal allergies, eye problems including a cornea transplant, low energy, and muscle cramps and spasms.

Medications (at start of the program): Diovan hctz 160/25mg 1qd, Levothyroxine 0.175mg 1qd, Lasix 40MG BID, Glyburide 2.5 / Metformin 500MG BID, Savella 50 MG BID

Clinical Assessment and Method of Treatment: Teresa’s initial SHAPE evaluation was on 1/30/13. Baseline UA showed glucose of 250, no other remarkable findings. Baseline measurements included 52.5-inch waist and 58.5 inch hips. Estrodim was recommended for her to start off with due to suspected estrogen dominance. First 14 days into program she lost 10 lbs and 22 inches. She experienced some detox symptoms such as mild nausea, easily treated with slightly adjusting sodium intake. She reported increased energy, a reduction in hot flashes and sweet cravings, and said overall she “felt better.” Her second UA showed trace ketones and negative glucose levels.

A couple weeks later, Teresa had her own “Aha!” moment. In a temporary moment of weakness, she had an avocado. Granted, I was impressed that she opted for this versus a cupcake or baked potato. (Already her mindset was transforming!) However, after satisfying her palate, her weight immediately stalled, and she complained of gas and bloating. Where she had not had any digestive complaints before now, here she experienced constipation for the first time since beginning the SHAPE Program and only lost 1 lb. in a 10-day period. Teresa realized the importance not only of sticking to the Phase I protocol, but also a valuable lesson in how what we put into our bodies can affect us holistically.

Seven weeks into the program, and 30 lbs. lost, Teresa’s weight began to stall. UA showed only trace ketones and began her on a protein day regimen and within the week she dropped another 7 lbs. She was continuing to monitor her blood sugar at home and was reporting it within normal ranges. Some days she reported her blood sugar actually dropping too low at night and suggested she see her PCP to discuss this (we were hoping for a reduction in Metformin dosage) but until then recommended adding an extra fruit when she felt her sugar drop too low. She was still losing weight and inches steadily at this point.

When she reached 216 lbs. in May, she started breaking out in hives. Her UA showed moderate bilirubin levels and we recommended Milk Thistle and Antronex by Standard Process for liver support. 

Results/Conclusion: To date, she has lost approximately 60 lbs. on the SHAPE Program and over 72 inches. Her blood sugar has regulated and is now off her Metformin (after 15 years!), her Diovan for blood pressure was cut in half, and will discontinue her Savella after she finishes her current bottle! Her PCP did recent blood work and was very pleased with the results! In 2011 her Hemoglobin A1C was 8.2, 6.6 in May 2012, and now was 4.2 one year later! On July 10th, her PCP ran a thyroid panel to see if she could discontinue/reduce her Levothyroxine, but feels she needs to stay on it a while longer for the time being. Teresa’s success has had quite an impact on the community and even her husband has lost 35 lbs. just by changing his dietary habits. Overall improvements include, but not limited to, reduced/discontinued medication, more energy, increased libido, decreased edema, restful sleep without leg cramps, better moods, and of course weight loss. She wants to lose at least 30 more pounds and will stay on Phase 1 until she reaches her goal. I am very confident that she will have a lifetime of success: even acknowledged she had an addiction to food and has overcome it with the help of a relationship with God and support from her family.

Submitted by Dr. Brian Hester

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

We are thrilled and humbled by the effect that the SHAPE Program is having on so many lives.

The key points I’d like to mention here are:

  1. I have yet to have anyone with type 2 diabetes not respond dramatically to doing the SHAPE Program properly.
  2. Remember, the best success comes from staying with Phase I as long as the patient is able and willing.
  3. Notice the hives reaction and the subsequent liver indicator in the UA.

The UA is our secret weapon and will give an inexpensive way to alter and guide the patient through the program. The milk thistle and Antronex (natural anti-histamine) were spot on!

This case is a classic example highlighting SHAPE as a program that is for more than just weight loss. It is also a detox program (note the hives). It is immune-enhancing and of most importance, it is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.

Great job Dr. Hester and support team!