Female, age 52 – Strict vegetarian, hypoglycemic tendencies, overweight

Female, age 52, 50 pounds overweight, strict vegetarian and extremely health-conscious, in spite of the excess weight. Chronic low-grade inflammation. For years I have given her council nutritionally to consume more protein (plant-based) in an effort to control her hypoglycemic tendencies. I felt it was the hypoglycemia that was contributing to her excess weight. Observing my weight loss, she wanted in on the action. I didn’t think it would work for her due to her strict vegetarian principles. After determining she was willing to eat eggs, we jumped into SHAPE ReClaimed not knowing if her success would be as profound as others who ate animal protein.

Her success was so great while eating eggs as her only source of protein, she experimented with cottage cheese and eventually added albacore tuna in water and white turkey.  We discovered her weight continued to drop, thus, decided to add these foods to our protocol.  Many patients welcomed the additional foods to the previously more narrow menu.

After two months on the program, she dropped 44 pounds and is absolutely stunning.

She has discovered when she eats too many carbs, she instantly gains weight. She has discovered her strict vegetarian approach to life wasn’t her best friend.

She has zero signs of inflammation.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed