Female, age 52 – Morbid obesity, hypothyroid

Initial Presentation/History – 52 yo Caucasian female presented with cc morbid obesity looking for successful weight loss. Cindy had tried several diet plans including Weight Watchers and calorie counting without success. Diet pills did get results but she always gained back.

Secondary complaints:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Biliary cirrhosis with elevated liver enzymes and Mitochondrial (M2) antibody
  • Depression
  • Generalized pain (7/10), especially right knee, with multiple trigger points

Lifestyle: Sedentary secretarial job, does not smoke, occasional alcohol, SAD with favorite foods being all sweets, bread, pizza, salad, veggies and fruits. A 7-day diet diary confirmed high sugar and trans fat intake along with low protein, veggies, fruit and nutrients plus inadequate water due to high intake of coffee, tea, diet Dr. Pepper and fruit juice. She is taking Omega Joint Extra (knee pain), 1000IU Vitamin D (11.9ng/ml) and 800 IU Vitamin E (liver function) per nurse practitioner.

Surgery: C-Section, Tonsillectomy, Cholecystectomy

Description Symptomatology:

  • Graded severe: Weight gain, fatigue, compulsive eating, urinary frequency, loss of libido
  • Graded moderate: Anxiety, anger, depression, poor coordination, difficulty making decisions, hot flashes, canker sores, insomnia, restlessness, pain in joints, stiff limited movement, muscle pain, weakness, water retention, cravings, stress
  • Graded mild: Sinus congestion, tearing, constipation, diarrhea, headache, itching, dry mouth bad breath, hair loss, cramps

Clinical Assessment:

  • Synthroid side effects: Fatigue, increased appetite, anxiety, abdominal cramps, elevation in liver function, tests, hair loss. No know nutrient interaction.
  • Anthropometric:  Ht: 5’4.4“, Wt: 258.8 lbs, BMI: 43.8, Fat 56.9%, Lean 19%, Visceral Fat 14, Chest 46”
  • Waist 52”, Hips 59”


  • Adrenal Stress – Positive Ragland’s and pupil constriction test, buffalo hump
  • Suboptimal thyroid – Itest (absorbed 1/24 hours,) Barnes’ test 96.8
  • Mineral deficiency – Hoffman’s positive, zinc tally positive
  • Toxicity – survey 93/14, tongue coated white, halitosis without dental source
  • Dysbiosis – survey 221/80, recommend CDSA
  • Thompson Leg Check – right D -, left rotated sacrum, LCS, multiple tender and trigger points

Diagnosis: Morbid obesity

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis with probable fatty liver disease
  • Hypothyroid
  • Maldigestion with dysbiosis
  • Adrenal stress with depression
  • Inflammatory joint disease
  • Rheumatism with tender and trigger points (not fibromyalgia)
  • Vitamin D3 deficiency
  • Fatigue
  • Right knee arthralgia

Method of Treatment:

  • Refer to other clinic DC for chiropractic evaluation and treatment.
  • Standard Process 21-day detoxification program as she didn’t want to be on a no sugar reduced-calorie diet over Christmas.
  • 13 visit Nimmo receptor Tonus trigger point treatment. Was successful with 30% reduction in symptoms but no weight loss.
  • Started SHAPE ReClaimed Phase I on 1/23/13
  • Women’s Multivitamin (private label) 2 caps BID
  • Endotrim 2 caps BID
  • Crave Arrest 1 cap before food in AM, may have 2nd in mid afternoon PRN
  • SHAPE Drops 0.50 ml TID
  • T-150 1 cap 2 hours in AM after Synthroid
  • Joint Support RX 1 cap BID
  • Lipotrophic Factors (digestive aid) 1 cap BID
  • D3 5000IU 1 BID

Results at 10 weeks:

  • Weight loss 31 lbs
  • % fat reduced 4.5
  • % lean increased 2.2
  • Visceral fat reduced 1
  • Total 12.75” lost
  • 3.5” Chest
  • 4.25” Waist
  • 5” Hips
  • No pain reported in any area
  • Dysbiosis from 221 to 93
  • Lab follow-up pending


Patient had been told she would have to undergo trigger point and knee injections for relief with a quoted fee of over $7000.00. She is extremely satisfied with progress to date and is most compliant. Has referred 4 new patients.

Submitted by Dr. Juanee Surprise

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

First and foremost, as you can see by her measurements, she is the classic pear-shaped patient. This is always the most difficult patient to successfully lose weight. They always need additional support and Dr. Surprise did an excellent job handling all her peripheral needs. The pear shape is classically seen in hypothyroidism. Medically, they will force the thyroid numbers into more of a normal range but the patient seldom experiences dramatic improvement with their symptoms.

Second, please notice that the patient had already lost her gallbladder. This is definitely a patient you will want to support with supplements to aid liver/gallbladder function.

Third, as noted by Dr. Surprise, the patient had an increase in lean body mass and don’t we all love to see this occur for our patients? We have witnessed patients lose up to 100 pounds and not experience sagging skin. We contribute this to the synergistic combination of amino acids in the SHAPE Drops.

Lastly, I truly believe this patient would not have had the success with the SHAPE Program without the additional supplemental support Dr. Surprise utilized from the onset of treatment. It is vitally important that we all continue our own unique method of doctoring, then add SHAPE ReClaimed to your tool chest. I’m always up front with my new patients when they enter my office for weight loss. They’ve been referred by another SHAPE success story and they want to lose weight also. At my office, we’re quick to point out that it’s not so much about weight loss but rather wellness and transforming their total health. I am 100% guilty of the ultimate bait-and-switch technique that many of you have heard me speak of. I advise the patient that, yes, we will help them reach their weight loss goal, but our mission is a total health transformation goal. Together we will accomplish our combined goals if they will work with us and follow our lead. We are all about life-long health benefits with the SHAPE Program.

Obviously, this patient was pleased with her results and has great faith in Dr. Surprise as she has referred 4 additional patients. That ripple effect will continue with each success story. I’ve never seen anything in my 32 years of practice that drives referrals as consistently as SHAPE ReClaimed.

The longer you use SHAPE ReClaimed in your practice, the more you will hear from your patients, “Doc, I’ve accomplished my health goals now I want to maintain them. I feel best when I’m taking the SHAPE Drops. My energy is better, I sleep better, my digestion is better, my joints are not achy, etc. So, is that okay?” Absolutely. Once we have accomplished our goal through Phase I and II, the patient can restart taking the SHAPE Drops as a part of their wellness supplement protocol to maintain their future healthy lifestyle. We like our patients to complete Phase I (for whatever length of time is required to accomplish their goals) then stop taking the SHAPE Drops when they transition to Phase II. Once they complete Phase II, they can restart the SHAPE Drops should the patient want to maintain feeling as vibrant as they did in Phase I.

Should they want to do a periodic detox/cleanse, have the patient stop taking the SHAPE Drops for approximately 7-14 days, then restart with Phase I for a minimum of 3 weeks with no transition into Phase II. This keeps inflammation down and your keeps your patient proactive.