Female, age 48 – Persistent shoulder and knee pain

A 48-year-old female administrative assistant presented on October 20, 2016 to begin the SHAPE Program. She was 5’5 ½” and weighed 162.5, her highest weight ever. She admitted that she had gotten to the point where she had given up on weight loss, but finally decided to make changes because she had shoulder and knee pain that would not go away, and she knew that her body was inflamed. She stated that she had taken HCG drops in the past and had tried numerous other diets. She would sometimes lose weight, but it always returned.  

She described her current diet as “horrible,” and she would not exercise. She denied medications, supplementation, or past surgeries. Her blood pressure was 128/82. Her initial urinalysis was normal with the exception of a pH of 5.0 and small leukocytes. She refused to share her blood work, noting that she expected it to improve following the SHAPE Program. 

She began Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse on October 21, 2016 and planned to stay on FasTrac until she reached her goal weight of 128 pounds. She was committed to following the SHAPE protocol exactly. Based on her low pH, I recommended 6 Luyties Natrum phos twice a day. I also recommended two droppers twice a day of Lymph II Matrix because she had a puffy and doughy appearance. 

In the first two weeks, she lost 9.5 pounds and her right arm and shoulder pain disappeared. She remained pain-free throughout follow-up visits. For the first month, she had trace to moderate ketones, but she continued to steadily lose weight after her urinalysis stopped showing ketosis. She was thrilled that she had no constipation, as she had with programs in the past. Her pH remained low, and she continued taking Natrum phos throughout the program. After the first month, we added 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning to counteract gallbladder symptoms, and ¼ teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt. 

After 8 weeks, she added exercise to her regimen, beginning with 12 minutes in the morning and increasing her workout time by 1 minute every day. She was thrilled to be able to do 10 push-ups without any pain. Despite Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations, she had very few “cheats. These included two fourounce glasses of red wine, and a couple of luncheons where she tried to follow FasTrac as much as possible. 

She was spilling large ketones in the eleventh week. At this point her exercise was up to 32 minutes per day and she planned to continue increasing it daily. Since she was exercising daily, we added 2 extra ounces of protein and one half extra serving of fruit daily. The following visit, she noted that she had experienced hunger and constipation for the first time on the program, and had gained 1 pound over the previous week. She admitted that she had cheated a couple of times, and her exercise was up to 40 minutes per day. I advised her to decrease her exercise and return to 8 oz. of protein and her regular fruit servings. At week 13, she was down 30 pounds, feeling great, had no hunger or constipation, and was committed to continuing “this incredible journey.” 

Submitted by Dr. Jennifer Kane 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

As wonderful as weight loss is to the patient, the reduction in pain is always such a wonderful effect. We always will state that the  SHAPE Program decreases inflammation, enhances immune function, detoxes the liver and has the really nice side effect of losing weight. What disease will this patient NOT get?