Female, age 48 – Menopausal weight gain, chronic yeast infections, emotional imbalance

Female, age 48, 20 pounds overweight, entering menopause with weight escalating. History of chronic systemic yeast infections, developing emotional imbalance due to escalating menopausal symptoms and weight gain. Referred patient for proper hormone replacement therapy.

Dropped 22 pounds in one month on the SHAPE Program. Classic case of chronic inflammation and immuno-suppression. Long-term use of antibiotics for skin condition which never resolved. Yeast dramatically improved and emotions completely balanced. Though I had gained ground with her skin issues previously, they totally disappeared after the weight loss. I am anxious to follow her progress to see if her 30-year issue of chronic systemic yeast sustains improvement throughout menopause along with observing weight fluctuations, as are typical of most menopausal patients.