Female, age 48 – Abdominal weight, menopause, digestion problems, stress

Female, age 48, excess abdominal weight, menopausal, history of puzzling digestive symptoms, severe stress over a long period of time. I opted to start the patient on the SHAPE Program due to the abdominal weight. I had long since corrected her digestive problems. At two weeks into the program, she came back for her follow-up urinalysis. When I entered the treatment room, she triumphantly stood up, put both fists into the waistline of her pants and announced that she had lost 14 pounds in 14 days. She was ecstatic. However, her weight loss had stalled on the tenth day. Looking at her urinalysis, I looked up and said, “And you feel like crap, don’t you?” She flopped back into the chair and said, “I feel horrible. I’ve had a constant headache, I have no energy, and I ache all over.”

Her urinalysis showed elevated protein, bilirubin and urobilinogen and she was in large ketosis. I asked how the program was going and she replied she had no hunger and was virtually not eating. She wanted to stop the program. I suggested she eat exactly what was recommended in the Program Guidebook and to call me on Sunday to report. I could tell by her voice she was doing much better when she called. She lost an addition five pounds and finished Phase I happily.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed