Female, age 46 – Prediabetes, overweight despite avid exercise

A is a 46-year-old mother of three who had “thrown in the towel” as far as her weight was concerned. 

In addition to having gained 50 pounds in six years, her blood sugar was “borderline diabetic” with a fasting blood sugar of 122 and an HgA1C of 7.0%. A. had her gallbladder removed and a history of kidney stones. Her weight beginning was 202 pounds before starting the SHAPE Program. 

Medications: Metformin 500 mg/twice daily. 

Supplements: Magnesium glycinate, omega 3 fatty acids, and a B complex

A is a schoolteacher and Beachbody instructor, lifting weights three times a week or more

Her diet consisted of many Shakeology shakes, popcorn, “light” bread and cereals with very little protein and few vegetables. In fact, her diet was almost completely white. 

A’s goal was to lose 50 pounds and also to get off Metformin (a daunting task as A.’s PCP told her he would never approve her going off).  

In December of 2016, A. started the SHAPE Program 

By February, A. had lost 20 pounds, but plateaued and was feeling very discouraged. She told me she had never been able to lose more than 20 pounds on any diet. A. was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed with life at this time. She had been sick with a sinus infection (which resulted in two rounds of Zithromax Z packs). I gave A. probiotics and asked that she stop her very vigorous exercise regime. I know many patients do very well with a Crossfit-like exercise routine, but I’ve found that my patients usually do not. I asked her to walk at a moderate pace for 45 minutes in lieu of her intense exercise routine. Although initially balking, A. agreed. I also had her take Endotrim from Designs for Health. I find that my perimenopausal patients with lots of stress do very well with endocrine support. I’m now offering more Physica products for stress and Endocrine issues, but A. did very well with Endotrim 

By March, she had lost 28 pounds and was down to one Metformin daily. 

In April, her blood sugars were in the low 80’s and her PCP took her off Metformin!  

As of today, A. has lost 41 pounds. She has started to reintroduce her weightlifting routine twice a day. Her goal is to lose another ten pounds, “slowly and steadily.” She’s never felt better. For those that follow Facebook, you can see A. posting frequently in a bathing suit with her new “Beachbody! 

Submitted by Barb Goshorn, BSN, RN, MSACN 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

When my patients say, “I can never lose more than 20 pounds,” I always say, “You are so right, and then pause awaiting their reaction. What patients tell their brain daily ends up being a selffulfilling prophecy. Kudos to Barb for helping A.’s brain see a door out. Eating poorly, exercising aggressively, and having no result is so common. By introducing a lifestyle modification program and supporting areas of concern with proper supplementation will change people’s lives forever!