Female, age 46 – Inability to lose weight, food sensitivities

Name: S.S.
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2
Starting Weight: 170.8 lbs.
Ending Weight: 138.2 lbs.  

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Can’t lose weight, food sensitivities 

Other Symptoms: Toe fungus  


  • Medications: Warfarin, Verapamil, Lisinopril 
  • Supplements: PhytoCalMagHypothal Code, Lymph 3, CardioPlusTegricel Colostrum, AllerGzymeImmunitone Plus, Zinc Supreme, Solray-D, Can-Tox, Drainage Milieu, CXACX 


Length of time on the SHAPE Program: 8 months  

Medications/Supplements: PhytoCalMag, CXACX, Cataplex D, Ferrofood, SHAPE Drops  


S.S. began as a nutrition client in February 2015. Her main complaints were that she could not lose weight and had many food sensitivities along with bloating and stomachaches after eating. She was also on multiple medications due to clotting concerns. Through nutrition and muscle testing, the food sensitivities were dramatically reduced, and with her doctor’s approval S.S. was taken off all of the medications. However, S.S. still could not lose weight until doing the SHAPE Program and then had the excellent results of releasing 33 pounds in less than six months.  

Additional Notes 

At each nutrition visit we would discuss what she was eating. She was eating very clean, yet still not losing weight which was quite the puzzle. During her SHAPE interview we learned why! It was not what she was eating, but the timing. S.S. was only eating one meal per day. She would skip breakfast and lunch. Too busy in the morning getting her two kids out the door and not enough time for lunch (she is a teacher). She would have dinner but nothing else during the day. Her first urine test showed excess ketones as S.S. basically had herself in starvation mode and thus could not lose any weight until she began following the SHAPE guidelines. 


Being on the SHAPE Program, S.S. was able to lose weight and drastically reduce the amount of other supplements she was taking. This case is a great example of the importance of eating throughout the day and reminds us that it is not only what we are eating but also the timing of it as well and how it impacts our overall metabolism. 

Submitted by Bernie Rosen