Female, age 44 – Weight gain, malaise

Laura O., 44-year old female, presented to the office with unexplained weight gain and overall feeling of malaise. She states that she has not felt like herself for a long time. She also states that she has told her regular medical doctor this many times, and he told her that it may just be all in her head. 

Weight: 179 

Height: 5’ 5” 

Body Fat: 41% 

BMI: 29.9 

Initial UA: 

  • Glu – neg 
  • Bil – neg 
  • Ket – neg 
  • SG – 1.030 
  • Blo – + 
  • pH – 5.0 
  • PRO – + 
  • URO – 0.2 
  • NIT – neg 
  • Leu – neg 

I recommended starting the SHAPE Program and running a blood test for vitamin D. 

On her second visit, 2 weeks later, she stated she did feel better but still not to 100%. The blood test showed a vitamin D level of 27ng/mL. She had a decrease of 5 pounds and UA showed trace Ketones, Specific gravity changed to 1.010. 

I suggested going on 10,000 IU of vitamin D with K and to continue on the SHAPE Program. 

On her third visit, she said she was feeling lighter and more clear, but noticed every time she ate zucchini her stomach would ache. Her UA showed Ket. at Lg ++, and only a decrease of 2 more pounds. 

I told her to try not eating zucchini for the next few weeks and note how she felt. 

Her fourth visit was her 6-week checkup and she was down another 8 pounds for a total 15 pound reduction. She no longer had any stomach pains and says she feels fantastic. We came to the conclusion that she is sensitive to zucchini and should avoid them until Phase III when we see if she can incorporate them back in her diet. Her Ket. went back to trace and she is happy to have a speed up in weight lost. 

Submitted by Dr. Jason Ameling 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Although rare in Phase I to notice food sensitivities, (most patients are so toxic they do not see the connection between what they eat and how it affects them) it was obviously necessary to eliminate the zucchini. We always request our patients look for any food that might trigger congestion, abdominal pain, headache and/or weight gain. These reactions are more easily recognized in Phases II and III due to the SHAPE Program being a detox. It is rare to have only one food that triggers a reaction. If there are multiple food sensitivities, always consider treating for leaky gut. 

If only I had a dollar for every female patient that was told “It’s all in your head” Makes me crazy!