Female, age 42 – Type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, arthritis

Missy walked into the wellness center on September 17, 2014 looking tired and less than enthusiastic. After talking with her for a few minutes, she said, “I feel better than I did two months ago, but I still have no energy, take lots of medicine, and would like to lose some more weight.” I asked her what changed two months ago, and she told me that her husband practically dragged her in for blood microscopy and advice from the N.D. At that time, it was discovered that she had issues with parasites, yeast, and poor nutrition in general. She felt that she had corrected the parasite and yeast issues but needed help with nutrition. We sat down and discussed the SHAPE ReClaimed plan and Missy said, “I want my life back, and I think this will help me.”  

She had type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies and arthritis and was only 42 years old.  

Medications: Zyrtec, Metformin, Meloxicam, Depo Provera, HCTZ and Simvastatin. 

The initial UA showed a pH of 5.0, trace ketones, and small bilirubin. Her weight was 197 and dress size 18. After two weeks on the SHAPE Program, her pH had become more alkaline, she also reported her fasting blood glucose was lower than it had been in years. After a month, she had lost 20 pounds and was down to a size 12. We did start her on probiotics, magnesium, and food enzymes, but she really didn’t hit many roadblocks. 

So far this spring, she has not had allergy issues like she has in the past and her knee pain is gone. Missy is now 161 pounds and wearing a size 8. We have discussed the fact that she is on Depo Provera may be slowing her progress (among other things), but she is not ready to discontinue it at this time. We have also implemented SELF ReClaimed and relaxation techniques as she is under a lot of stress due to marital struggles. Over the past few months, she has gone back and forth between Phase I: FasTrac and Basic Cleansesdepending on what was going on in her life. Although she tells me that recently she has had some major cheat days, but her weight is holding steady. She plans to get back on track and lose another 10 pounds. Missy is no longer on ANY medications! She now bounces into the store and is a great cheerleader for our other clients. 

Submitted by Sherry Neill, RN