Female, age 42 – Premenopause, rapid weight gain, fatigue, irritability

Patient is a 42-year old female and premenopausal. She presents with the following symptoms: 

  1. Rapid weight gain – 40 pound plus in the previous 12 months 
  2. Fatigue – issues staying asleep at night 
  3. Irritability 


Patient is extremely depressed and overwhelmed. She homeschools two wonderful girls and is a faithful wife. However, the load is taking its toll. She is very hopeful yet very uncertain that something can be done to turn things around. Her self-esteem is very low with deep feelings of failure and inadequacy. Frowns seem to dominate the demeanor. 

Body composition (InBody analysis) revealed a 44.2 % body fat with a body weight of 210 pounds. 


  1. We began by uncovering roots to problems regarding lack of forgiveness, anger, and bitterness. A plan was made to openly discuss and proactively make remedy with relationships. Those relationships include the relationship with God, herself, family, and others (in that order). Prayer during the visits was integral. 
  2. Initiation to the SHAPE Program anti-inflammatory protocol with bi-monthly UA’s. 
  3. Supplementation included probiotics, glutathione, adrenal formulas, and Endotrim. 
  4. Monthly appointments were conducted for assessment and plan evolution. 
  5. A progressive light exercise plan was employed with initial body weight movements and walking activity. This was increased to gym visits with weight training after 2 months. 
  6. Caloric load was adjusted periodically as needed while maintaining a slight ketogenic state. 


  1. Over an eight-month period, the patient lost 48 pounds and gained 4 pounds of muscle. 
  2. Here body composition (InBody analysis) revealed a 23.6 % body fat. 
  3. She is resting “perfectly” with more energy than she has had in years. 
  4. She is chronically smiling and overjoyed with the results. 
  5. She states improvement in her relationship with God, view of herself, and role as wife and mother. 
  6. Now that body composition has returned to normal range, protocols are consistently modified to increase lean muscle and maintain a God-centered mindset. 

Submitted by Dr. Mark Sherwood 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

To ignore the emotional component when working with patients can be devastating to the success of the SHAPE Program. Treating the physical component of stress (adrenals) and the emotional (prayer) component is vital to longterm success with the SHAPE Program. We are continually amazed by the quality of our SHAPE practitioners!