Female, age 42 – Hormone issues, joint pain, depression

A 42-year old female patient presented to me with multiple hormonal complaints. She was tired all the time, really unable to function or enjoy her life. She complained of significant joint pain, inability to sleep, depressed mood, foggy thinking and more. At her first visit, we did lab work and got her started on the SHAPE Program.

At her follow-up, she was already reporting that she felt like a different person. She had lost 12 pounds, her energy was improved, and she felt like a “fog had been lifted.” She also reported that her difficult-to-control eczema was looking better than it had in years.

After reviewing her lab results, we decided to go ahead with both thyroid replacement and progesterone supplementation. We also started a few basic supplements including fish oil, a high-quality multivitamin and magnesium.

She continued on Phase I, losing a total of 44 pounds. She was shocked at her success, never having been able to lose more than 5-8 pounds in the past.

At her last visit, 6 months after finishing Phase II, she didn’t even resemble the woman that walked into my office in the beginning. She is vibrant, smiling and feeling really good. The SHAPE Program helped her realize that she is sensitive to both wheat and dairy, and she now avoids those foods most of the time. She has maintained and has now lost a total of 55 lbs. She has no further joint pain, has started participating in group sports and has no health complaints.

The most exciting part about this story is it really is the norm. It’s rare that I walk a patient through the SHAPE Program and they only lose weight. There are always multiple health complaints that resolve. Energy always improves greatly.

I love this program!

Submitted by Deanna Woodroffe, WHNP-BC