Female, age 39 – Tarsal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure

Nicole H., 39 years old, presented with a diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome from her medical doctor and a history of high blood pressure, treated with Lisinopril. Muscle relaxers were given to alleviate the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome, but showed no improvement.  

BP 127/84.  

Weight 264 pounds.  

Height 5’7’’.  

Initial UA-5.5 pH was noted.  

Patient stated she couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes or stand more than 20 minutes without pain due to her tarsal tunnel syndrome. The patient’s goal was to walk or stand for 30 minutes with no pain and weigh 185 pounds.   

Fish Oil 1500 mg, Vitamin D3 5000IU, and pH Concentrated Minerals were given in addition the SHAPE Drops 

Nine days after she began Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse, her tarsal tunnel symptoms were completely resolved. After two months of being on the SHAPE Program, the patient complained of thinning hair and whey protein was added to her diet, which helped but did not completely resolve her symptoms. Approximately six months into Phase I, her medical doctor ordered blood work and took her completely off Lisinopril. The patient reached her goal weight of 185 lbs., but reset her goal to 165 pounds. The patient reached her goal of 165 lbs. with a weight loss of 100 lbs. after starting the SHAPE Program. 

Submitted by Dr. Colton Kaminski

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

We all know of SHAPE Program’s ability to shed excess weight, but even more importantly in so many patients is its anti-inflammatory abilities. With only an 11-pound weight loss in the beginning, the inflamed foot pain was resolved only to be followed by 89 additional pounds and the removal of her BP medication. Great initial support and follow up.