Female, age 34 – Sugar cravings, stress, depression, fatigue, pruritis

A 34-year old mom of three toddlers suffered from sugar cravings triggered by stress. She was fatigued, depressed and 50 pounds overweight. Before she came to me, she was eating a paleo lifestyle and exercising with a personal trainer weekly with minimal results on the scale.  

After we implemented the SHAPE Program, which focused on the quantity of the food rather than the food type (as she was already eating anti-inflammatory), she saw results such as a decrease of weight at an average of 12 lbs per month, improved energy, awareness that nightshades such as tomatoes caused joints to ache and her pruritis on the scalp was remediated. There was a period where she was not feeling satiated and her weight loss plateaued. After introducing more oils in her diet, such as olive oil and coconut butter, she continued her progress and felt more satisfied after her meals. She reached her goal weight in 4 months with strict adherence to the SHAPE Program with an introduction of fats to satiety with results. 

Submitted by Dr. Emily Hecker 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

So much data of value in this case study! 

  1. I’ve always taught that insulin/glucose and cortisol are like the Israelis and Palestinians. They have to live together but just can’t. Stress, sugar cravings and weight gain are so intertwined and all can be helped by the SHAPE Program. 
  2. The SHAPE Program will create an environment that allows for weight loss. How many patients do we all have that eat well and exercise (especially the menopausal female) and yet have no ability to shed the excess weight? 
  3. The value of adding quality fats at the appropriate time is important to aid the SHAPE Program. 

Great job, Dr. Hecker!