Female, age 34 – PCOS, migraines, acne, depression, disturbed sleep

A 34-year old patient presents with PCOS, migraines, acne, depression, and disturbed sleep. She was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago and placed on Metformin. Her starting weight was 252.8 lbs. and she is wanting to lose 115-120 lbs. over the course of the program. She is very active coaching ball teams as well as playing on her own team, yet not able to lose weight.

After initial consultation, patient is put on the SHAPE Program, CDG Estrodim (estrogen dominance) and Drenamin (SP) for adrenal support.

At her first follow up appointment 2 weeks later, patient is down 10 lbs. and consistently loses 7-9 lbs. on each follow up thereafter up to week 14. Her fruit and protein are increased by 1 each due to large ketosis and stalling at this point. At her next visit, on week 15, patient started showing signs of psoriasis. I ordered a hair analysis which confirmed hidden copper toxicity. I added Zinc Liver Chelate (SP) to her supplementation to counter that. At her next follow-up appointment, patient’s psoriasis symptoms were showing signs of improvement.

Patient is now 5 months into the program and has lost a total of 75 lbs., acne is dramatically improved, depression is controlled, sleep has returned to normal, and psoriasis is 50% improved. She has also gone down to one dose of Metformin per day.

Integrated Health has been providing the SHAPE Program for a year and a half now. We have numerous PCOS patients that have had great benefits from the SHAPE Program. We have had 3 PCOS patients that have become pregnant, and one of which who, after a failed in-vitro and loss of twins, became pregnant after doing the SHAPE Program.

Submitted by Dr. Brian Hester

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

The key to this wonderful case study is to note the amount of hormonal imbalance that existed and the number of therapies necessary to combat the problem. Adrenal, pancreatic, and female hormones all need to be addressed and are so interwoven that it is almost impossible to come through just one door.