Female, age 32 – PCOS, infertility, obesity

Name: Trish M.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5’11”
Starting Weight: 343.8 lbs.
Ending Weight: 212 lbs. 

Health History
Chief Complaint: PCOS, infertility, obesity 

Other Symptoms: Patient was told that she would never be able to conceive 

Medications/Supplements: None 

Length of time on the SHAPE Program: 14 months 

Medications/Supplements: Metformin was added after patient became pregnant and lost baby. Her medical doctor was excited to know that it was possible for her to get pregnant. 

Patient became pregnant for the second time. 


This patient had tried to conceive for over 12 years. She is now due with her first child this month. We are beyond excited to see this young lady fulfill her dream of having a family. She has stayed in contact with me during her pregnancy and plans to return to the SHAPE Program again after she delivers.

Submitted by Dr. Sandra Abrams 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

So many times in my career I saw patient’s health improve in areas that weren’t even being treated while on the SHAPE Program. I would have to step back and ask, “How did that happen?” Fertility issues were one of those areas. When I stepped away from active practice in 2017, I totaled 17 patients who conceived and brought a child into this world that couldn’t prior to doing the SHAPE Program! I have often said, “If you help someone with hemorrhoids, there is a certain allure. But if you help someone with fertility issues…well, that makes for a good day!” Actually, it makes a good year and probably a good career!

How do fertility issues resolve with the SHAPE Program? I feel this happens because the SHAPE Drops enhance communication between the hypothalamus and pituitary. The end result is better and more accurate hormonal messaging. Several years ago, I brought up fertility at our symposium (at that time, I had 15 fertility successes) and asked if anyone had “accidental” success with fertility to please stand up. We had about 250 practitioners in the audience. 74 stood up! I cried like a baby! Many practitioners approached the podium after that talk and could have stood 2, 3 or 6 times.

I teared up as I read this case. Well done, Dr. Abrams!