Female, age 32 – Nasal polyps, poor digestion, weight gain

Tiffany was referred to my office by a friend of hers, who is also a patient of mine who has also had success on the SHAPE Program. She presented to my office with a long list of complaints and a folder of blood work from her MD.

Tiffany is 32 years old and has suffered from chronic sinusitis since a teen. Every 2-3 years she has surgery to remove polyps from her nasal passages to help her breathe. She has not been able to smell anything for years! On top of that, she had stubborn weight gain. Despite being active, it had only gotten worse after having her son 19 months ago. She feels her digestion is poor and complains of constant bloating and indigestion. She has poor energy but contributes some of that to being a working mom. She had felt like there was no solution for her except to continue taking medications and continue to gain weight.

After talking to Tiffany and going over her blood work, several things were clear. Her thyroid was sluggish, and her adrenals were overworked. She showed all the signs of leaky gut, along with vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies. Her ferritin stores were very low.

We chose to start her on the SHAPE Program right away. I also suggested she go gluten free and dairy free as well. She started taking vitamin D at 5,000 IU/day, 5000 mcg/day of vitamin B12 and HPA Adapt.

Within the first week, Tiffany noticed that her nasal congestion was decreasing. By week 2, she was smelling slightly out of her right nostril. By week 3, she reported that she could smell out of both nostrils! She smelled her son’s dirty diaper for the first time since he was born (she was now not sure she wanted to smell that again!). By week 4, she was jumping for joy as she was feeling so energetic, her sleep had improved, her digestion was improving, and she was feeling so great! And along the way, she was down 18.6 pounds!

She could not be happier with the results she has seen so far and looks forward to continuing to see her health skyrocket.

Submitted by Dr. Tracey Cain