Female, age 14 – Overweight, PCOS

14-year-old female. Looked like a pumpkin with legs, makes no eye contact, hair falling over her face so people can’t “see” her. Significantly overweight. Diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This syndrome typically expresses weight gain, menstrual problems and can lead to diabetes. Many other doctors consulted before coming to my office. Blood tests normal. Thyroid tested four different times.

After a lengthy consultation, examination and report of findings, recommended a number of nutritional support supplements with the most significant being starting her on the SHAPE Program. During her first month, a significant amount of weight was lost, but even more significant was the loss of inches. Patient began coming out of her shell. After a six-week interval, we started her on a second month of the SHAPE Program. Patient lost 36 pounds and 36 inches total.

As moral support, patient’s mother partnered with her for both months. Mother lost 45 pounds. She dropped from a size 14 and now able to wear sizes 4-6 pants.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed