Female, age 13 – Overweight, hives, exercise-induced asthma, eczema

13 YO F, Ht 5 5 ½, Wt 175 lbs, started program with her mother. 

Meds: Proair inhaler PRN for exercise induced asthma, hydrocortisone cream as needed for eczema, Benadryl PRN for recent hives 

C/C of pt is increased weight, hives of unknown origin a month prior to initial SHAPE appointment. Exercise-induced asthma and eczema since 8 years old. 

Initial SHAPE appointment 4/9/14: 175 lbs, UA moderate ketones, rest NL. Recommended MCT oil 2T per day due to ketosis starting and exercise with sports. Stated was eating occasional cheese. Also added probiotic, fish oil, Vitamin D3 with K2, and Vitamin C 

4/29/14: 161 lbs, down 14lbs. Cravings have decreased, feeling good with adequate energy. Only doing MCT oil on days she works out. UA NL except mod ketosis. Added fruits at least 3/day and avocado. Encouraged protein at every meal. 

5/14/14: 154 lbs, down 7lbs. Noticing faster on volleyball court. Stopped dairy totally, secondary eczema was still present. UA showed mod ketones, added more fats and increased veg intake to 4c/d as she stated was eating less. 

5/27/14: 150 lbs, down 4 lbs. Continuing with current regimen, doing Phase I: Basic Cleanse now. Increasing portions as well. Pt was able to go shopping and feel great about herself for her eighth grade dance. She was thrilled to be able to fit into her older sister’s clothes and get new ones for herself! 

6/10/14: 147 lbs, down 3 lbs. 

6/23/14: 144 lbs, down 3 lbs. Pt did have pizza for birthday, eczema did start again. Moving to Phase II.  

7/14/14: 140 lbs, down 4 lbs. Doing really well, has not used inhaler since starting SHAPE Program. 

8/21/14: 6-week follow up. 141 lbs, weight remains stable. Made the Varsity High School volleyball team as a starter! Her speed and agility has increased tenfold. TOTAL WEIGHT LOST 35 lbs, 42.5 INCHES! 

11/18/15: More than a year of maintenance. Pt is 140 lbs, maintained weight loss. Does not have trouble with asthma anymore. She dabbles in dairy and her skin is affected and hives result. She stays away from it for the most part. Feels great! 

Submitted by Laura Smith, RD 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

We have always encouraged our SHAPE family if at all possible, when dealing with a child, to try to persuade a parent to also do the program. Mom’s testimony says it all! Peer pressure (and really peer abuse) can have a devastating effect on a child. What scars won’t occur because of making a decision to change one’s health walk? Not only did weight loss occur but she has “not used her inhaler since starting the SHAPE Program.” This young girl also has made the connection between food consumed and skin reactions. She’s maintained her weight loss for an entire year! So many programs result in eventual weight loss but it was the tremendous amount lost in 2 weeks (15 pounds and 12 inches!) that kept this young lady going. Laura Smith’s guidance concerning adding more food was brilliant. We always try to add food to a growing child, especially if they exercise aggressively. 

GREAT JOB! Linda and I are so honored to partner with so many awesome practitioners.