Female 1 – Rosacea, skin rashes, infections; Female 2 – History of eating disorder, lupus

I was working with two young ladies of normal weight. Though I had gained ground with their symptoms, they simply were not responding to treatment to the level I felt they should.

One had a 30-year battle with rosacea and the other a complex group of symptoms that included a severe rash, increased frequency of infections and what her medical doctor felt was akin to lupus.

Starting the first case on the SHAPE Program, I instituted the foods allowed in Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse without caloric restriction. She began with the typical two load days, then proceeded with 21 days eating only anti-inflammatory foods. By the end of the 23 days, she no longer suffered from rosacea and has been symptom free for over five years.

For the second, more complex case, I followed the exact protocol but used a rather extensive group of supplements to support her problems. Her history revealed she had an eating disorder in her late teens and after doing a complete work-up on this patient, I was suspect of the medical diagnosis of Lupus. I simply disagreed. It was my assessment that determined she suffered from an inflammatory condition and was seriously immuno-suppressed causing all her symptoms.

After 23 days, her rash virtually disappeared. She had zero Lupus symptoms and has only contracted an occasional short-term cold in the past five years. This patient has been dismissed from care and only seen when symptoms occur.

She did lose six pounds, which initially frightened her based on her history of an eating disorder years earlier. However, the six pounds lost came from the only fat deposit she had: a small abdominal “pooch” from having two children. We were elated with the progress.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed