Family: Husband, wife, daughter

This Case Study is about a family of three. This family had seen a couple at their church who had been doing the SHAPE Program at our office. When they saw their results, they were determined to engage in the SHAPE Program as a family.

Bob was a 56-year old shift worker who worked a great deal of overtime. He drank two Dr. Peppers a day and lots of coffee. He had severe arrhythmia with at least 20 incidences per day along with high cholesterol and sleep apnea. He was refusing medication because he felt poorly while taking it. He had a strong family history of heart disease. After 4 weeks on the SHAPE Program, he was no longer having arrhythmia.

In total, he lost 69 pounds (from 299 pounds to 230 pounds) and went from 36% body fat to 29% body fat. His cholesterol is greatly improved. He no longer has sleep apnea. He stated that he had not felt this good since his mid-30’s when his daughter was born.

His wife, Willa, at age 52 had type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol and fatty liver. Willa was an avid exerciser but was not reaping the benefits of the exercise she was doing. After 6 weeks on the SHAPE Program, she stopped taking her Metformin (on her own) because her blood sugar levels were improved so much. Blood tests showed cholesterol levels and glucose had dropped to normal and her medical doctor said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It’s working!” Her BMI went from 34 to 25, she lost 53 pounds total and has changed the way her family eats forever!

Their daughter, Kiara, is a 20-year old college student living in a college dormitory. She worked in a bowling alley during the summers and drank a lot of soda while working there. Unfortunately, she started the program in August when she was returning to college. Her very supportive parents froze meals and delivered them to her to supplement her limited dormitory options. Kiara lost 45 pounds, and I have seen a great improvement in her self-esteem as a result. She reduced her body fat from 37.5% to 28.7%. She has begun to exercise and is committed to maintaining.

My greatest joy comes from seeing these people and families transform their lives and their health! They will never go through another day without wondering if they have eaten their 4 cups of veggies and 2 fruits! Keep changing lives, docs! We have a big job to do.

Thanks, Dr. Todd and Linda!

Submitted by Dr. Katherine Palombini