Family Biz Updates

New Payment Processing Launching

(Lord have mercy…this project faced many coding challenges)

  • ACH: No Fees (will require routing and account number from your personal or business checking account)

  • CC: 3% Processing Fee Added to Each Order

  • Temporarily…you will need to add your payment information each order. We anticipate the SAVE feature to be finalized any day now! We appreciate your patience.

As many of you know, the cost of doing business continue to increase. As much as we don’t want to pass these fees along, we must or be forced to raise our prices across the board. We are doing everything possible to avoid that option.

Because we can offer you an ACH option, we feel it is our best option. More and more companies are passing along CC processing fees to the end user. If you haven’t considered this pathway in your own business, we recommend you give it some serious thought.


SHAPE Program Guidebooks Now Available in Spanish!

We’ve been asked for years and are excited to finally offer you a Spanish version of our Program Guidebook for those of you who work with many in the Hispanic community. Due to the lower volume for this print project, your cost for the Spanish version is $7.50 per copy…SRP $15. 

Only sold in bundles of 12 for $90


You Ask, We Listen!

Not only will you be able to download a Certificate of Completion when you finish the Why the Face Master Class, you will also be able to download your choice of two Certified Practitioner Seals, similar to the seal made available to you when you complete the SHAPE Certification Course.

A Word From Dr. Todd & Linda…

While we continue to preach the message of “invest in yourself”, we want you to trust we are not asking you to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves. We practice what we preach and want to share some exciting news.

As you all know, we have never marketed SHAPE or WTF? Why the Face at a professional level. We grew a successful practice by word-of-mouth referrals and that is exactly how SHAPE and WTF? Why the Face have grown.

We’ve been praying for direction with this decision (as we’ve heard more than our fair share of horror stories of $$$ being spent on marketing only to wind up in debt and no real financial growth to show for the investment) and know, without a doubt, our prayers have been answered.

We are excited to partner with AlterCall and be mentored and guided toward a strategy to market our two businesses. What does this mean for you? As SHAPE and WTF? Why the Face become more visible across the country and internationally, more and more will learn about the amazing success our practitioners have with healing their patients/clients from the inside out and will search out SHAPE and Facial Analysis Certified Practitioners.

AlterCall’s mission statement aligns perfectly with ours: To change the world, by changing the way people do business. As you know, our mission statement is: TRANSFORMING HEALTHCARE: One Person at a Time!

We have partnered with AlterCall as a Private Client and will receive mentorship at every level for personal and business growth.

Their goal is to raise up Spiritual Entrepreneurs so that each will impact everyone they come in contact with to raise the spiritual vibration of our world. We are excited to be a part of this movement and will continue to share what we learn to help impact your personal and business growth as well. 

Stay tuned…


Your fearless leaders!