End of Year Announcements

  End of Year Letter From Our Founders



Good-bye 2022! Hello 2023! 

Many of you might be saying “good riddance” to 2022. It certainly was a tough year for many people. The struggles, the challenges, the anger, the bitterness, the hatred, the inhumanity! We all noticed it. We all felt it.

But, deep down, did you also feel love, kindness and hope? It may have been fleeting, but we assure you it was there. Where did you place your attention? Our “attention” drives our “intention” and matters!

We are hearing across many platforms, 2023 will bring more of the ugliness that we experienced in the past two years. But, it will also bring more love, kindness and hope. Simply look for it. It’s all around us! Don’t look for it on CNN, FOX, MSNBC or through social media platforms. Look for it in the eyes of your child or grandchild. Look for it in your spouse or significant other. Look for it in your patients/clients, your team, your friends, in your churches, in your civic organizations and add it to your prayers and meditation.

Everything has an energy and a vibrational rate (hertz) associated with it. Love vibrates at 528 hz, whereas, hate at 100 hz. Think of it this way…you can take out five haters with your love. Imagine if there was a concerted effort by 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 or even 1,000,000,000 of us that simply decided to “love one another”. Would the world change? It would!

Disease also has a vibrational rate. Cancer, for instance, vibrates at 40 to 100 hz (depending on the cancer). Disease brings us down energetically. If hate rules ones life…well, you understand where I’m going with this analogy.

You’ve all heard me say, my successes clinically were so above my abilities. I put my intention on 528 hz when working with my patients. If God is love and love vibrates at 528 hz, it makes logical sense that we need more of God in every aspect of our lives.

We want you all to know how much we love you. We love supporting you, we love helping you grow a financially successful businesses. We truly understand the challenges each of you are facing, and we believe in our hearts we need to continue doing all we can to help folks heal from the inside out. We are committing ourselves to helping you every way we can in 2023!

We appreciate your love, kindness and belief in hope…hope for a brighter future, hope and help for all those struggling with health challenges, hope for financial breakthrough.

Let love guide you in 2023! Let your head & heart merge. Realize that you “can’t measure what you prevent” and take that message to every patient/client who seeks your care. Live & love intentionally. Develop a servants heart & serve your fellowman. The blessings will flow into your life…guaranteed!

See you all at “You Can’t Measure What You Prevent” Symposium March 30th – April 1st.

With love,

Dr. Todd and Linda

Changes Coming in the New Year

SHAPE Certification Course 


We’re excited to announce an ALL NEW Unit 5! Co-Founder, Linda Frisch, brings the SHAPE website to life and helps you understand how to take advantage of all the educational information to help support your patients/clients. She walks you through the Practitioner Portal and shares ideas on how to use all our practitioner resources, marketing materials, forms & templates & more. One of the questions we receive continuously is, “What does a first visit and subsequent follow-ups look like?” Linda will share what worked in Dr. Todd’s private practice. She also reviews what working with remote/telemedicine patients/clients should look like, and she helps with setting package pricing and more.

If you completed the Certification Course prior to March 2022 and the launch of our new website, we may need to help you jump straight to Unit 5 so that you don’t have to start from the beginning. Please email customerservice@shapereclaimed.com and we will assist.

Referral Bonus Program 

In a effort to continue showing our appreciation and honoring your belief in our program, we will continue our Referral Bonus Program in 2023. Practitioners will receive $50 for each referral the following month after your referral joins our SHAPE family. We give you our word we will take good care of your referral and help them grow a successful SHAPE program.    

Credit Card Fees


Several years ago, we partnered with a CC processing company that allowed us to offer two payment options: ACH and CC. Paying with ACH was 100% free to the customer. Should any choose to pay with CC, the customer absorbed the CC fee (often referred to as a courtesy fee) vs the merchant. We were ahead of the times and encouraged all of our practitioners to choose a similar path.

We are all small business owners and must do all we can to cut overhead expenses. While we received some pushback, most understood and accepted. Many, many did follow our lead and are passing along the CC processing fee to their own patients/clients.

Sadly, we are forced to return to passing along CC fees to our practitioners. When we sat down with our CPA, he made it clear that we had some decisions to make – increase our product pricing or pass along CC fees to our customers. In this economic climate and understanding this is becoming the norm, we considered our options and made the difficult decision to pass along the CC fees once again.

Because we can provide you an option to avoid paying the CC processing fee, we feel this is a wiser decision.

We are doing everything in our power not to increase the wholesale cost of our products in an effort to help keep your cost to patient/client down. Some cost increases are out of our control, and we are forced to pass along the increases when we have no other option.

We truly appreciate your business and grace as we transition.

You will see the change within the shopping cart in early January.


Rarely a week goes by without us receiving a call from a SHAPE practitioner asking how they should handle random calls asking if they will sell drops without the person becoming a direct patient/client.  We want to remind our SHAPE Practitioner family that you signed our Professional Agreement, with section: Compliance with Practitioner Training Guidebook, which states that practitioners CANNOT sell SHAPE drops to the general public. We depend on our SHAPE Practitioner family to honor their contract to protect the integrity of our “practitioner monitored program” presence across the country. We are all beholden to one another to be faithful with honoring this agreement. It protects everyone!


There’s Still Time for EARLY Sign-up and a Chance to win…BIG!!!

SHAPE Symposium March 30-April 1, 2022

If you are SERIOUS about increasing your income, you don’t want to miss the SHAPE Symposium.

If you register BEFORE January 1, your name will be placed in a drawing for FREE product: 1 case of SHAPE, 12 Program Guidebooks and 12 UA Kits – that’s a $1,980 value!

Symposium Registration