Don’t Give Up Just Because It’s Summer

With summer comes beach vacations, family gatherings, pool parties, backyard barbecues and lots of reasons to veer from your SHAPE Program journey. We want to encourage you that just because it’s summer, don’t give up! While it may be more challenging to stay on track, especially while traveling, your body and brain will benefit immensely from continuing to take the SHAPE Drops and meeting regularly with your SHAPE practitioner.

In the article Taking SHAPE Drops as a Daily Supplement, we explain all the benefits you’ll be getting from the SHAPE Drops alone. If you’re unable to stick to the Phase I protocol throughout the summer, we recommend you continue taking the SHAPE Drops, so you don’t lose your momentum towards restored health. Keep your appointments with your SHAPE practitioner to maintain accountability and focus.

We don’t want you feeling deprived when socializing this summer, so we compiled some great, crowd-pleasing Phase I-friendly dishes to share with friends and family:

Updated 1-26-22