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Linda Frisch · December 1, 2022
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Thank you for purchasing the WTF? Facial Analysis Master Class. We are confident you will have the knowledge and confidence to start reading faces after you complete this comprehensive course.  Dr. Todd Frisch, the Co-Author of WTF? – WHY THE FACE?, will walk you through this in-depth course on the nuances of reading faces. The textbook that goes along with the Master Class is: WTF? Why the Face: A Practical Guide to Understanding Health & Personality Though Facial Diagnosis. It is sold separately through your shopping cart. We highly recommend you purchase your own copy. The book and course compliment each other. There is information in the Master Class that is not in the book and information in the book that is not in the Master Class.

You will need to watch the 8 Modules plus the 10 Clinical Lives in order to download your Certificate of Completion. You are free to jump around to whatever module or clinical live you choose after you complete the entire course in order the first time through.

We thank you for supporting Dr. Todd’s life’s work. We believe you will never look at your patients/clients the same after learning this ancient technique.

Happy Face Reading!!!

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