All my pains were gone – literally, all! – A.T.

At 280 lbs., I was at the point where I needed to turn to a professional and seek help. I was constantly tired and in pain. My knees, back and neck were constantly bothering me. I sought help from medical doctors who prescribed me anti-inflammatories and physical therapy which really did not resolve any of my issues. My mood was awful, and I did not have any interest in anything or anyone because I was so uncomfortable with the way I looked and would get tired so easily. 

After only a few months being under the care of Dr. Dolan, I never felt better and lost 40 lbs! My energy was back. I slept so much better. All my pains were gone – literally, all! I was able to get down on the floor to play with my kids and that meant so much to me. 


Submitted by Dr. Paula Dolan