About Us

SHAPE ReClaimed's Mission

Transform Healthcare: One Patient at a Time!

At SHAPE ReClaimed, we are passionate about being a force for positive change, and we are focused on transforming healthcare: one patient at a time. We partner with like-minded practitioners from all medical disciplines to help people ReClaim wellness. Food is medicine; as such, SHAPE ReClaimed’s mission shines a spotlight on negative eating habits that contribute to common health challenges.

Our logo is a perfect representation of this mission. Why? Because trees symbolize strength and character; being grounded and deeply rooted; and being strong enough to withstand storms, yet able to bend and sway with the changing seasons. The founders of SHAPE ReClaimed, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, love trees and have made them a symbol in many areas of their lives.

SHAPE ReClaimed's mission

SHAPE ReClaimed’s Tree of Life logo symbolizes the connection of all living things on earth. It’s a familiar design in science, religion and philosophy. The biblical book of Genesis tells us that the tree of life originated in the Garden of Eden at the dawn of time. For all of us at SHAPE ReClaimed, the tree is a symbol of our pursuit of health and helping people grow and change for the better.

The flowers on our tree represent all those whose lives have been and will be changed through our program. The large branches intertwined in the trunk of our tree represent our four-part approach to healing:

  1. Decreasing inflammation
  2. Detoxing and cleansing
  3. Enhancing immune function
  4. Releasing toxic weight
SHAPE ReClaimed's mission

We believe this program and our nanomolecular dietary supplement are gifts from God that were given to Dr. Todd to share with humanity. They are a blessing for all his years of dedication to and faithfulness in helping God’s family heal. Dr. Todd and Linda’s life’s work – and now SHAPE ReClaimed’s mission – is to Transform Healthcare: One Patient at a Time.

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