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The SHAPE Program is only available through certified SHAPE practitioners. This maintains the integrity and safety of the program and offers you a tailor-made experience.

We believe God created each of us as unique human beings. Therefore, each person’s experience will be as different as their fingerprints. We call this bio-individuality. There is no one-size-fits-all. This may be why so many other programs you’ve tried have not been successful. What works for one individual may not necessarily work for you.

Your SHAPE practitioner will build on the foundation of the SHAPE Program to meet your unique metabolic needs. You will learn the what, why and how to do the SHAPE Program. You will be empowered, uplifted, motivated and guided toward a healthier you, a healthier future!

Our Mission

At SHAPE ReClaimed, our mission is to change the medical narrative from “what’s wrong” to “what’s not right”?

We are passionate about being a force for positive change, and we partner with like-minded practitioners from all disciplines to help people ReClaim wellness. Food is medicine; as such, SHAPE ReClaimed’s mission shines a spotlight on unhealthy and often times, toxic eating habits that contribute to common health challenges.

Our logo is a perfect representation of this mission. Why? Because trees symbolize strength and character; being grounded and deeply rooted; and being strong enough to withstand storms, yet able to bend and sway with the changing seasons. The founders of SHAPE ReClaimed, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, love trees and have made them a symbol in many areas of their lives.

SHAPE ReClaimed’s Tree of Life logo symbolizes the connection of all living things on earth. It’s a familiar design in science, religion and philosophy. The biblical book of Genesis tells us that the tree of life originated in the Garden of Eden at the dawn of time. For all of us at SHAPE ReClaimed, the tree is a symbol of our pursuit of health and helping people grow and change for the better.

The leaves on our tree represent the lives that have been and will be changed through our SHAPE Program. The large branches intertwined in the trunk of our tree represent our four-pronged approach to healing:

Decrease inflammation

Strengthen immune function

Detox and cleanse

Release toxic weight

We believe our SHAPE Program and SHAPE Drops are gifts from God that were given to Dr. Todd to share with humanity. They are a blessing for all his years of dedication to and faithfulness in helping God’s family heal. Dr. Todd and Linda’s life’s work, and now SHAPE ReClaimed’s mission, is CHANGING THE MEDICAL NARRATIVE FROM “WHAT’S WRONG” TO “WHAT’S NOT RIGHT”!

Our Story

As told by SHAPE ReClaimed Co-Founder, Linda Frisch:

Welcome, we are Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch. We are often asked about our story and how SHAPE ReClaimed came into existence.

SHAPE ReClaimed was developed by Dr. Todd in 2010. What began as an effort to help me with my personal health struggles, has resulted in a proven program that has helped thousands ReClaim their health.

After a lifetime of hormone challenges, leading to four female surgeries and ending in early onset menopause at age 44, I was unable to shed the weight I’d gained. Regardless of what I tried–calorie counting, exercise and zero sugar–my weight wouldn’t budge. Committing myself to three months of all-in effort, I only dropped one pound. ONE! All my hard work, diligence and commitment left me more frustrated than ever. Dr. Todd says if I were a dog, he would have put me down to alleviate my misery. I pled with Dr. Todd, “You help everybody, but you aren’t helping me.” Little did I know, many of his patients were struggling just the same and begging him to help them as well.

After decades of studying nutrition and restorative health, Dr. Todd developed the SHAPE Program and the SHAPE Drops using the research of many popular programs, blending philosophies and observing results as they attempted to release toxic weight. Dr. Todd discovered that most diets fail because the brain gets a message that it’s starving. Many of the diets they were doing were reasonable, but he admits, the majority were built on incorrect dietary principles and were doomed to fail. He witnessed patient after patient losing weight through extreme measures but living their lives feeling deprived. Not only did they give up, they gained back everything they lost and then some.

One of Dr. Todd’s first mentors taught him to use urine as a diagnostic tool. This was during a time when liquid diets were very popular. While monitoring his patient’s urine consistently for a variety of diagnostic reasons, he observed many clinical cues pointing to why their dietary programs failed. With the knowledge gained from thousands of diagnostic urine tests and decades of using clinical homeopathy and nutrition, for the first time in his career, Dr. Todd set out to formulate a product that was superior to any other on the market.

As Dr. Todd continued to test and improve the program, we witnessed amazing results. Not only were his patients releasing excess weight, their health was improving in many other areas. Patients saw decreased inflammation, dramatically improved digestive function, normalized blood pressure, lowered cholesterol and triglyceride numbers, improved blood sugar, less joint pain and even cognitive improvements.

Today, the SHAPE Program, with the hormone-free SHAPE Drops and proven SHAPE Nutrition Protocol, delivers benefits far beyond weight loss. We believe God created each of us as unique human beings. Therefore, each person’s experience will be as different as their fingerprints. Unlike most programs that have a one-size-fits-all approach, SHAPE ReClaimed trains our practitioners to customize the program to meet specific health needs. The SHAPE Program will be adjusted based on total health history, metabolic markers in the urine and how your patients/clients are responding to the program.

Our priority is to address the underlying cause of why so many struggle to shed their excess weight. We know, after decades of witnessing failure after failure, that dieting is never the answer and that is why we do not refer to our program as a “diet” or “weight loss” program. We developed SHAPE ReClaimed to be a lifestyle modification and health restoration program. We are convinced, when we help people change their relationship with food and embrace a healthy lifestyle, restoring vibrant health is possible!

As with any successful health transformation program, it must be understood that people who incorporate sound lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) have the greatest hope of long-term success.

It didn’t take long before local colleagues were asking about our product and program. Fast-forward 14 years later and SHAPE continues to be a thriving national program with tremendous success when all other program have failed.

Let the SHAPE ReClaimed story be the beginning of yours. Just because your story started one way doesn’t mean it has to end that way. Every decision you make, every action you take has consequences. Even the tiniest pebble has a ripple effect in the water.

Join us in our mission of CHANGING THE MEDICAL NARRATIVE FROM “WHAT’S WRONG” TO “WHAT’S NOT RIGHT”?  Let us all be a force for positive change. May we all work together and become the ripple effect for a healthier future.

Our Team