WHY MOOD ReClaimed? By Dr. Todd Frisch

For years, I tried to support emotional issues with nutritional supplementation. I went after emotional problems physiologically. Without a doubt, I am supportive of the world of psychology, unfortunately, they only have counseling and/or prescription medication as their “go to’s.” What role does hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies (or excesses for that matter) play into emotional imbalances? What about PMS, menopause or andropause? Is toxicity an issue?

Truly, one is left with, anything can cause anything!

I’ve seen SHAPE change patient’s personalities, lift them out of depression, calm anxiety and even despair has improved dramatically. I initially thought it was simply from the thrill of shedding toxic weight (as we all know, that is the priority for most.)  As I began using SHAPE on patients who were not struggling with weight issues, but rather extremely inflamed and immune-suppressed, I still witnessed dramatic shifts emotionally.

However, there were always those patients that continued to have emotional problems, even after “attacking” them in a myriad of ways. Always the detective, finding the missing puzzle piece was my driving force and passion to help my patients ReClaim vibrant health.

MOOD ReClaimed is my attempt at formulating a support remedy that can help your patient who is struggling beyond what SHAPE alone can do to help with higher emotional imbalances.


Holy Basil Leaf

  • > Also known as Tulsi or Ocimum Sanctum
  • > An Ayurvedic herb
  • > An adaptogen
    • – A unique class of herbals that help the body “adapt” to stress. They work like a thermostat by sensing imbalances and assisting the bodies self-correcting mechanism.
  • > Specifically Holy Basil Leaf:
    • – Balances cortisol in both acute & chronic stress
    • – Tends to support normalization of glucose
    • – Increases a sense of well being
    • – HPA axis modulator
    • – Improves endurance
    • – Enhances immune function
    • – Enhances gastric mucosal strength
  • > Holy Basil was one of the main remedies I used for PMS
  • > Main indicator: simply makes the patient feel better, a sense that everything is okay


  • > Most active ingredients are Salidrosides and Rosavin
  • > Often termed “arctic root.” Native to arctic regions of Europe, Russia & Alaska
  • > An adaptogen
  • > Specifically Rhodiola:
    • – Increases energy, stamina & strength
    • – Enhances memory & mental capacity
    • – Enhances athletic performances & shortens recovery time after workouts
    • – Anti-anxiety, anti-depressant
    • – Shown to help arrhythmias
    • – Reduces mental fatigue
  • > Main indicator: supports patients struggling with fatigue & lack of energy

Peruvian Maca

  • > Also known as Lepedium meyenii
  • > A “relative” of the radish and an odor similar to butterscotch
  • > An adaptogen but also rich in antioxidants
  • > Sourced only from Peruvian Andes @ 12-14,000 feet
  • > Specifically Maca
    • – Enhances energy, mood & memory
    • – “Tired” blood (anemia)
    • – Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)
    • – Improves female hormonal balance
    • – Improves male sexual function & enhances sperm function
    • – Improves menopausal symptoms by balancing estrogen levels
    • – Assists libido that has declined due to the use of antidepressants
  • > Main indicator: enhances sexual function. Poor libido (often times not mentioned to practitioner) affects an estimated 60% of adult females and 40-50% of adult males

Digestive Enzymes

  • > Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Amylase
  • > A select number of patients will have challenges digesting raw food (herbals included)
  • > These enzymes will reduce the potential for “upset stomachs”
  • > Dosage of these enzymes are not high enough for this to be used as a digestive enzyme alone, only enough to assist in breaking down the herbals in MOOD ReClaimed.

I used all these ingredients separately all throughout my career. Unfortunately, many could not afford to purchase multiple products. Combining the ingredients and keeping the product as pure as possible (without additional ingredients that other manufacturers blended with their formulas), is much more affordable to the patient.

My suggested dose is 1 capsule twice daily with or without food. It is safe to use with anti-anxiety or anti-depressants and certainly will help transitioning patients off their medications if desired.

With extreme emotional imbalances, increase to 2 capsules twice daily until the patient is experiencing relief. I do not recommend MOOD ReClaimed for schizophrenia due to the amount of medications typically used for these patients.

We are beginning to receive some very positive feedback and are thrilled to offer additional support to those who continue to suffer beyond what SHAPE support.

Struggling to help some of your patients, please call me anytime. I’m all yours! I prefer calls over texts or emails please.

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