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Victory Story By Dr. Jill Reavis-Aleman’s SHAPE WARRIOR Kathy S.

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I had been a patient of Dr. Jill’s at Wellness Concepts Clinic for years and had went in for acupuncture and herbs when I needed them for colds or small aches and pains. I love doing Tia Chi, that I have been doing for 10 years. I had been gaining weight for the last 3 years after going through menopause, 40 pounds to be exact. I had now injured my left knee and couldn’t do Tai Chi any more without severe pain.

I went to the medical doctor, and he examined my left knee and x-rayed it. He said it was a bad sprain and to rest it for a few weeks, and the injury would get better. He also did my annual labs. The results of my labs did not turn out with positive results. He asked me to come back in for another appointment to give me the results of the labs. He said I was heading down a slippery slope if I continue to gain weight. He said my cholesterol was 100 points too high, triglycerides were 80 points too high, blood sugar was 20 points too high, and the liver enzymes are high as well. He stated I was heading towards fatty liver disease. He told me I needed to figure out a way to eat a healthier diet and lose weight. After leaving his office feeling depressed, I decided to call Dr. Jill at Wellness Concepts Clinic. I knew that if I could get my left knee feeling better I could resume Tai Chi and maybe start walking for exercise.

I called Wellness Concepts Clinic and got an appointment with Dr. Jill.  I went in for my appointment, explained about my left knee, and the continual weight gain after menopause. She looked at my tongue and read my pulses. She then told me about SHAPE ReClaimed. She had been using the program for several years and was getting tremendous results with decreasing inflammation and the added bonus of reducing excess toxic weight which could help sprains and strains such as I have with my left knee. She got my beginning UA and found that I could start the program immediately. She also gave me weekly acupuncture treatments on my left knee, spleen, and liver. Right in the beginning, I lost 7.5 pounds. I was ecstatic. Finally, I was going in right direction that my medical doctor suggested. After a few more weeks, my left knee was feeling better, and I had lost 18 pounds. I was able to resume my Tai Chi pain free.

My 10 weeks re-evaluation showed my left knee had full range back!!! Dr. Jill suggested that I should start walking to get my blood moving more. I started with three walks a week and now I’m walking 5 days a week for 2 miles. I shedded a total of 22 pounds in toxic weight.

I have since been back to the medical doctor for my normal 6 months checkup. My cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and liver enzymes are back in normal ranges. I’m down 32 pounds. He was very happy with my results using SHAPE ReClaimed as well as I am too. I am forever grateful and thankful to Dr. Jill and the makers of SHAPE for I was able to reclaim my life and health through this program.

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