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Tame the Flame Campaign

As you all know, February is designated National Heart Health Month. What a perfect opportunity for you to launch a campaign to tackle and decrease inflammation. Most every patient that walks into your clinic is dealing with inflammation on some level. Our responsibility, to every patient that seeks our care, is to do all we can to help them RECLAIM vibrant health at every level.

How can you help deflame your patient? TAME THE FLAME – 21 day Detox and Cleanse Campaign. There is no better way to introduce your patient to the amazing benefits of SHAPE than to put them on a simple 21 day program. Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Discuss the health benefits of detox and cleanse as it relates to their personal health picture.
  2. 2. Take the lead and encourage them to participate. Express your desire to help them decrease and eliminate the troubling symptoms they complain about visit after visit.
  3. 3. Have the patient do 2 typical glutton days (increase healthy fats primarily).
  4. 4. Based on their total health picture, follow the guidelines for FasTrac or Sure & Steady for 21 days only. Monitor UA as recommended. It is important to watch for signs of starvation and adjust diet accordingly with FasTrac.
  5. 5. Within 21 days, the patient should notice significant improvement with their symptoms. If they need to shed excess weight, they will begin to release toxic fat and these 21 days will get their attention.
  6. 6. At the end of 21 days, discuss the outcome of the detox & cleanse. Has the patient observed improvement? If so, encourage them to continue. Often times, folks don’t want to do a “diet” but if you approach this from a detox & cleanse angle to improve overall health, they are willing to do what it takes to feel better. Dance the dance they are willing to dance. Some will not stick with FasTrac but would do Sure & Steady. Both will make a tremendous difference toward decreasing inflammation.
  7. 7. If three weeks is the end of their detox, just look at this as just that…a detox. No need to take them through Phase II.
  8. 8. If the patient sees the value of continuing, for whatever health goal they want to work toward, stay the course as you would a typical SHAPE program. Encourage them to continue until they reach their goal then transition them to Phase II and into III.
  9. 9. Our ultimate goal is to help all our patients decrease inflammation, improve immune function, detox and cleanse and shed toxic fat stores. Encourage them to study all information within the Patient Education tab at shapereclaimed.com. We’ve done the work for you. Download and print Patient Flyers that explain TAME THE FLAME at the patient level.

What a great plan to increase your practice profits all while helping your patients heal in 2015!

Tame The Flame Patient Flyer (745 downloads)

Pain Emphasis TAME THE FLAME Flyer (643 downloads)

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