That’s the #1 question we are receiving. Practitioners and patients alike are weighing the consequences and trying to decide. What’s best?  We are convinced it is best to continue taking SHAPE, regardless of how clean the dietary choices. Every SHAPE clinic is facing the same dilemma. Patients are telling us they simply cannot, nor choose not, to be as dedicated to a strict dietary protocol during the summer. Kids are home from school, vacations are priority and many want to “let their hair down.” Most understand when they abandon the boundaries of FasTrac, weight loss comes to a stand still and if they totally abandon what they learned when doing SHAPE, will begin to gain some of the weight they worked so hard to shed. While this is a choice they are willing to accept, they are not happy when the inflammatory symptoms: fatigue, emotional, digestive and sleep challenges,headaches, aches & pains, etc. sneak back into their daily life.

Early in SHAPE’s life, the choice was either follow the program as intended or don’t take SHAPE. We’ve learned a ton from SHAPE’s living, breathing, ever-changing protocol and understand the value of this unique formula. Dr. Todd formulated the product with the intention of it being a “total health support” product. Yes, eating an anti-inflammatory diet
is best, but we never, ever want to be so rigid that there is not room for flexibility.

After experimenting with many patients, we realize and have had many, many report back to us, taking SHAPE, (even when the patient isn’t eating as clean), keeps their blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids controlled, as well as, the long list of inflammatory symptoms folks struggled with.

Certainly, we give the patient the choice, but from our clinical observation, patients maintain their health best if they continue taking SHAPE even when they are not following a rigid protocol. Just as we recommend for those who choose to continue taking SHAPE (after they have ReClaimed their health) as a part of their support supplement program, we would recommend they back down to taking one to two doses daily. (Three doses is for Phase I) Start with one dose daily. Many do great on this recommendation but if their inflammatory symptoms are creeping back, increase to two doses daily. If the patient is taking just one dose daily, the bottle will last close to three months.

Make sure you require a maintenance office visit when the patient needs to purchase a new bottle. This helps keep your finger on the pulse of your patients health profile. If the patient is stopping in to buy a bottle of drops every month, they are taking too many drops. We recommend you keep tabs on their purchase history. Unfortunately, many of our practitioners have reported patients buying drops and passing them on to friends and family. Remember, the liability falls back to your clinic for any product you sell. We ask that every practitioner be mindful and put tight boundaries into place.

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