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SHAPE’s Tree of Life


Who doesn’t love and admire a beautiful tree? It represents strength, character, being grounded or rooted, strong enough to take the assault of nature…yet able to bend and sway with the winds of seasonal change. Dr. Todd and I love, love, love trees. They have been our “theme” since we blended our lives. We are forever taking pictures of awesome trees. We decorate many full size Christmas trees during the holidays and have a whole tree collection throughout our home year round. We also collect “turn of the century” oak antiques.

Oak happens to be our favorite but when we were looking for a tree to represent SHAPE, the marketing specialists thought it looked too “bulky” possibly creating an illusion of “heavy.”

Though we were sad a beautiful oak tree wouldn’t become a part of our logo, we knew exactly what we would use. When we traveled to China, we took a picture of an amazing tree at a museum that was groomed much like a bonsai but not a bonsai. We sent that picture and our graphic team came up with what we have now, after many renditions.

It is “our” TREE OF LIFE…symbolizing the connection of all living things on earth and is a familiar design in science, religion and philosophy. The book of Genesis tells us that the “Tree of Life” has its origin in the Garden of Eden at the instance of life’s birth.

All the many flowers on our tree represent all the folks whose lives will be changed through our program. The four major branches intertwined in the trunk of our tree represent:

  1. Decreased Inflammation
  2. Enhanced Immune Function
  3. Detox & Cleanse
  4. Releasing Toxic Weight

It’s symbolism means everything to us and is a beautiful representation of TRANSFORMING HEALTH and our life’s work.

It is our hope that folks take the time to examine our tree and utilize our program to transform their health. We honestly believe this amazing formula is a gift from God…to Todd…to share with humanity as a blessing for all his years of dedication and faithfulness in helping God’s family heal.

God’s Blessings to All,


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