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SHAPE ReClaimed VS Weight Watchers By Joan Hogan, RN

SHAPE ReClaimed vs Weight Watchers (WW)

My client Ms M, a 65 year old woman with a thyroid condition, Graves Disease, with surgical intervention in 1970 and again in 1977; and then an intervention with radiation, “silver bullet” in 2009.

She has been  taking thyroid medication on a daily basis since then.  She has a history of Scoliosis. She also reported a history of asthma for which she would use an inhaler every day.  Additionally, she had difficulty sleeping.

She was a member of weight watchers for 7 months. During the time she was following the WW program, she lost a total of 14 pounds.  (Ms M had a keen interest in nutrition and maintaining a weight in which she did not experience extreme back pain).

When she approached me about weight loss, I explained SHAPE ReClaimed is not a weight loss program, but rather a lifestyle modification, health restoration program…the focus is reducing inflammation and restoring health.  She became very interested and soon began the program.

She initially lost a total of 33 pounds when she began SHAPE. She reported she had always said “take my appetite away and I will do great on any program, SHAPE did that for me”.

During the course of her new food plan she noticed, she was not using her inhaler; she reports not needing to use her inhaler to date! She was sleeping better and her appetite had decreased.

AND, she discovered that by not eating sugar, she was not in pain, not experiencing bloating and she feels well overall.  She noted that in the WW program, she was eating their products, and there was no elimination of sugar and/or carbs! Hence, no decreased inflammation.

She maintains a weight of 128 pounds, she is 5’ 3” tall.  She has been off and on the SHAPE drops since maintenance, two years.

She loves life and lives!

Thank you Dr. Frisch and SHAPE ReClaimed.

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