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Greetings and welcome to the wonderful world of transforming your health through clean eating habits offered by SHAPE ReClaimed. Our recipes can be utilized if you are in Phase I and can be transitioned to Phase II and III by simply making a few adjustments.

You will notice the measure of protein lists 4-6 oz. per serving. The amount you choose is dependent upon what has been determined between you and your practitioner and the result of your ongoing Urine Analysis monitoring. Based on what shows in the test, your food intake is adjusted accordingly.

Our ultimate goal is to help you incorporate healthy lifestyle choices and form new dietary habits. Yes, life happens, stress happens….we are all in this together. We hope you will not allow your life’s stressful circumstances to derail you completely. If you have hit a rough patch, regroup and try again. Healthy habits are a learned behavior and takes a bit to adjust. YOU CAN DO IT! You are not alone. Lean on your practitioner to help you reach your health and weight goals.

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