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Last fall, I detailed you on the upgrades with SHAPE. I decided to change manufacturers for a number of reasons. The main reason was Dr. Cass’s reputation as being a master formulator. I wanted a different & healthier alcohol base, absolutely no preservatives or excipients and lastly, I wanted SHAPE to be totally organic. This was accomplished.

Although infrequent, you may have noticed some discoloration showing up in the SHAPE formula due to the vegetable charcoal, organic botanical. This is just a cosmetic factor, and simply the natural expression of SHAPE’s pure, organic, all-natural product. It is not every single bottle, and it can randomly occur within the same lot of product. Some are perfectly clear all the way through. This has to do with the current harvest, for as you know, SHAPE ingredients are exceptionally fresh and pure.

Vegetable charcoal is predominantly black in color. It is, of course, non-toxic, but we can understand why patients may be concerned when the clear liquid may slowly seem to turn into varying shades of gray. Like a good wine or port, small amounts of the nanomolecular botanical may settle in the bottom of the bottle. Once the bottle is shaken, these little particles may begin to be seen due to their dominating color. Again, not every bottle.

Remind your patient of the awesome benefits of vegetable charcoal and why it is one of the many important synergistic ingredients in SHAPE, such as the removal of toxins and flatulence, etc.

Our old formula had some light weight preservatives in it to keep from discoloration. In our ongoing efforts to make the most highly effective and purest remedy possibly, we asked Physica to create a 100% natural product free from synthetics of any kind. And here it is! We live in such an environmentally compromised world, and we don’t want SHAPE to add to the toxic burden. Your patients will love you for it and you can be really proud of this unprecedented accomplishment.

We are working on a position paper to be proactive so patients understand the nature of a 100% organic formula that is non-toxic and uncontaminated, but rather proof, that SHAPE is better than ever as an all-natural, 100% organic product.

For those who were unable to tune into Dr. Cass’s webinar on Wednesday, May 2nd, he graciously taught for our SHAPE family only, here are his:

Helpful Clinic Tips:

  • Truly organic 100% natural. You can be proud of this.
  • We don’t use preservatives/excipients so a little extra care is needed.
  • Don’t touch to lips: “To avoid external contamination, don’t touch dropper to lips, teeth or tongue.† This was added to the label (some try to suck out the remedy!)
  • Remind patients to keep bottle closed when not in use to avoid contamination.
  • Don’t use the dropper for anything other than dispensing.
  • DO NOT SHARE dropper.
  • Color may change due to harvesting botanicals: vegetable charcoal which may sometimes change the color to shades of gray. It’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s NATURE!
  • Steamed distilled water. Nature abhors a vacuum. Concentrates the remedy (good!) and may “pull†some of the phenolics out of the botanicals creating color changes (natural!)
  • Not often, but sometimes, you may find “bits†floating. These are typically just particles which have expanded in the organic cane alcohol solution. Remember, non-ethanol now!
  • Organic can alcohol is loaded with organic trace minerals, etc. These are not “non-medicinalsâ€!
You will see a note taped to your orders until we feel everyone is informed:

Dear SHAPE Family,

Although infrequent, we have had some bottles of SHAPE show some mild discoloration (usually light gray). SHAPE’s formula is now made with 100% organic materials and no preservatives. This discoloration does not affect its potency and is entirely safe to consume.

We appreciate you!

Keep True to the Spirit and the Pure Intention of the Program
SHAPE remedies and PHYSICA ENERGETICS remedies are chirally correct and are designed to be perfect synergists, biologically and energetically

Pregnancy and Beyond Nugget
By Dr. Michelle Mashinter


We all have patients that come in for SHAPE with a desire to get pregnant, some even struggling with fertility problems. I have noticed that sometimes despite our efforts, patients end up coming back a while after their pregnancy stressed, inflamed and having lost all of their pre-pregnancy progress.

Our culture in America is partially to blame for this – after pregnancy, we expect mothers to pick right back up with all of their daily tasks, and even return to work while they are still transitioning into motherhood and going through all of the changes associated with the fourth trimester. Society sets high expectations for mothers and when we can’t measure up to them, it can be easy to put our health aside and stop taking care of ourselves.

Putting MOOD ReClaimed
to the test!

When Dr. Todd started talking about wanting to formulate his own adaptogen to handle emotional challenges, I thought it was wonderful but also thought, I’ll never need to take it but good for all those who are in desperate need of balancing depression and/or anxiety. I had no doubt, he would create another “one-of-a-kind†amazing formula.

In all my life, through all my trials and all my professional responsibilities, I have never felt more overwhelmed. For those of you who really know me, you know I’m typically one who can juggle everything in my universe and not flinch.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case in the past year. Thanks to all of you, SHAPE is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am thrilled because that means we are really making an impact in the lives of thousands across the country. We lost two grandbabies, one miscarried and the other after fighting for 3 months. We completely gutted and rehabbed space for our new SHAPE Headquarters & Distribution Center, we sold Dr. Todd’s practice and trying to embrace an extremely unconventional retirement (split living), we held our most successful SHAPE symposium with 300 attendees (becoming our SHAPE Family Reunion), squeezed in our first winter cruise (relaxed for the first time in ages) then right into back-to-back 12- day business trips (crazy excited to share what is on the horizon). In between, I began the arduous process of working with a wonderful marketing strategist to revamp our national website and turn our practitioner training into video modules, worked with two sets of attorneys to revise our Practitioner Agreement and develop a Licensing Agreement and Certification Mark (exciting news to come next month), expand our team from 4 to 11, all while dealing with the dailies and constant computer and electronics drama at SHAPE Central. As if that is not enough to stretch one beyond what is humanly possible, we have been faced with some extremely unfortunate circumstances that we are enduring. All the while, my inability to shut my brain down at night has pushed me over the edge.

To be brutally honest…I’ve not been coping emotionally, and I share my truth with you to say, for the first time I started seriously thinking…do I need to start taking an SSRI to deal with this overwhelming anxiety and a couple melt-downs (which is so out-of-character). 

After much prayer, I decided instead of turning to chemical support, I was going to put MOOD ReClaimed to the test. I chose to front load 3 caps/twice daily for 21 days and recently cut that back.

To go from, I seriously think I need to start taking an SSRI to deal with this crazy anxiety and feelings of being so overwhelmed to, “I got this! I’m gonna be fine and am finding my way back to the strong, confident and detailed girl I know myself to be really feels like a miracle. I know peace and joy are returning and all will be okay.

If MOOD ReClaimed can pull me out of that pit, I am convinced it will make a tremendous difference for folks struggling with their own emotional imbalances. I hope you are thinking of all the patients you are working with who could benefit from taking MOOD too!

Lifting you all up in prayer because I know many are struggling with their own life challenges. We’re in this together!!!

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SHAPE shopping cart access

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Mashinter in welcoming her baby girl, Lyla Jean, into the world!

Bill K Case Study
By Dr. Julie Smith

Male DOB 9/27/54 63 yo

Started SHAPE ReClaimed:  10/13/2017

Major complaint:  Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Lipids

History:  heart bypass surgery, polyp removed from bladder, cataract removed left eye

Medications:  Metformin, atorvostatin, bayer aspirin, amlodipine, hydrochlorothiazide, clopidodrel, metropolol, finofibrate,  onglyza

Supplements: centrum silver

Patient’s reason for doing SHAPE:  Remove inflammation in his body, reduce or eliminate medications.   Feel better!  More energy needed for daily tasks.  Patient is still working full-time as an engineer at a near by manufacturing/development facility.

Bill opted for Phase I FasTrac

Starting weight:  265lbs

ROS:  Heart sounds WNL, respiratory sounds WNL, ears clear of cerumen, patient wears glasses for far-sightedness, good bowels sounds, no abdominal tenderness.

Vitals:  Height 5’11†B/P  134/68,  oxygen 92, heart rate 81

Measurements: 1†above waist 51â€, waist 52.5â€, 1†below waist 5oâ€

10/23/17 Day 10 liberated 10.6 lbs BP 132/68

Victory Story By
Dr. Jill Reavis-Aleman’s


I had been a patient of Dr. Jill’s at Wellness Concepts Clinic for years and had went in for acupuncture and herbs when I needed them for colds or small aches and pains. I love doing Tia Chi, that I have been doing for 10 years. I had been gaining weight for the last 3 years after going through menopause, 40 pounds to be exact. I had now injured my left knee and couldn’t do Tai Chi any more without severe pain.

I went to the medical doctor, and he examined my left knee and x-rayed it. He said it was a bad sprain and to rest it for a few weeks, and the injury would get better. He also did my annual labs. The results of my labs did not turn out with positive results. He asked me to come back in for another appointment to give me the results of the labs. He said I was heading down a slippery slope if I continue to gain weight. He said my cholesterol was 100 points too high, triglycerides were 80 points too high, blood sugar was 20 points too high, and the liver enzymes are high as well. He stated I was heading towards fatty liver disease. He told me I needed to figure out a way to eat a healthier diet and lose weight. After leaving his office feeling depressed, I decided to call Dr. Jill at Wellness Concepts Clinic. I knew that if I could get my left knee feeling better I could resume Tai Chi and maybe start walking for exercise.

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