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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to investigate SHAPE ReClaimed. Practitioners all across the country are partnering with us, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch, to make a positive impact in transforming the health of this nation. Collectively, our success is remarkable when the patient follows the program designed to restore health.

Before each practitioner asks their patients to take on a dietary challenge, most personally follow the protocol themselves. Like most of their patients, the majority of the programs they’ve tried were either too difficult to incorporate into their busy and hectic lives or did not produce the results they hoped for.

SHAPE ReClaimed is more excited than ever about the health restoration program we offer as a part of our overall treatment protocol. Most important to the success of this program is that you understand our SHAPE practitioners are not  “weight loss clinics” but rather  “total wellness clinics.” Their goal is to help you restore vibrant health.

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a formula developed out of the research of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.  Being ever grateful for Simeons years of research and clinical application to assist patients with weight loss, we recognize profound advancement in medicine since 1970. With that being said, we modernized Simeons original protocol, offering a very specific practitioner-guided program to insure long-term success, not only with shedding toxic weight, but more importantly restoring vibrant health.

SHAPE ReClaimed™ will never be sold online or to the general public. We work with licensed practitioners only and require close monitoring through-out. Patient safety and long-term health benefit is our main concern.

Our single goal has always been: make this program affordable to as many as possible. The more patients we can help, the quicker we can help turn the tide on the horrific obesity epidemic and its contribution to the demise of vibrant health. Together, all SHAPE practitioners are committed to TRANSFORMING HEALTHCARE: One Patient at a Time!

Dr. Todd admits it was a handful of patients that pushed him to take a serious look at Dr. Simeons’ work, confessing he had a chip on his shoulder the size of Gibraltar. In his 38 years of practice, he has read and studied every diet known to man. Many of these diets were reasonable, but he will admit the majority were built on incorrect dietary principles and doomed to failure. He witnessed patient after patient losing weight through extreme measures only to come face to face with the challenge of living their lives feeling deprived. Not only did they give up, they gained back everything they lost and then some.

Having extensive clinical experience with homeopathy, his patients put their trust and health in his hands.

As with any health related idea, he studied Dr. Simeons’ work and determined he would be the first to try the diet before subjecting his patients to its rigid protocol. Having lifelong hormonal challenges, four female surgeries, (ending in early onset menopause), I struggled to lose the excess weight (30 pounds total and climbing) I gained with each passing year.  Determined to win the battle of the bulge, I committed myself to one last strict diet (no sugar, a balance of whole food that God put on this earth, and regular exercise). After three months of approximately 1200 calories per day, I only lost one pound. That was it! All my hard work, diligence and commitment left me more frustrated than ever. Dr. Todd says if I were a dog, he’d have to put me down. :o))

His thought, “If this works for me, he would believe it was the HOLY GRAIL of weight loss.” Being firm believers in another doctor’s long standing research and clinical experience, we entered the world of millions following Dr. Simeons’ work without so much as the slightest deviation. We were extremely opposed to his 500 calorie recommendation. Every morning we stepped on the scale and our weight successfully dropped. It was miraculous. I later admitted I truly didn’t have faith in this program being any different than everything else I tried over the years….a miserable failure.  Much to our surprise and doubt, we both dropped a significant amount of weight, and thankfully were fortunate to avoid unpleasant side effects. Before we could complete the program, patients were begging us to begin.

We quickly learned there was definitely no ONE SIZE FITS ALL program.  Based on the individual challenges our patients experienced with Simeons program, it didn’t take us long to observe patterns that were becoming glaringly obvious. This led to developing our own unique treatment protocol and product.

Always thankful for patients seeking our help to overcome their health challenges, we will forever be grateful they were relentless in pushing us to study Simeons’ work leading to the formulation of SHAPE ReClaimed ™. It is due to their persistence, their willingness to test the program, their openness to experiment with other foods to determine success or failure and their diligence to report any and all benefits (both positive and negative) that we now have succeeded in helping thousands restore their health.

Having successfully used homeopathy for 30 years (when he developed his own product) within our practice, we felt if we were going to incorporate this program, we had to know and trust what was in the product. Spanning Dr. Todd’s career, he never…until now, was tempted to develop his own private label. Compiling all the feedback from his patients, he set out to formulate a product that would support his entire pyramid of health philosophy and believes he has succeeded in developing a product that is superior to any on the market.

Believing God has created each of us as unique human beings, it became obvious each patient’s experience with the program was as different as their fingerprint to humanity.

Though we entered Simeons world for its weight loss benefits only, what quickly became more important was the vast number of benefits gained from doing the program. Because fat is inflammatory and immuno-suppressive, not only were patients shedding toxic weight, they were knocking down inflammation in their bodies, thus, improving their overall health and improving immune function. We also offer a program for folks who do not struggle with excess toxic weight yet have compromised health and need to decrease inflammation which is causing a myriad of health challenges.

Patients began reporting: high blood pressure drop, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides drop, blood sugar numbers improve, joint pain decrease, cognitive improvement, and most exciting, joy returning for all those who struggled for years with the battle of the bulge.

With each passing day, more and more patients across the country successfully report dramatic improvement as a result of SHAPE.  For the first time, with years of clinical experience, we finally have a program that is a tremendous success for all those who implement the protocol developed.

Having gleaned clinical experience monitoring thousands upon thousands of patients, we are confident this program is truly the holy grail for health restoration and confronting obesity available today.

Because this is a practitioner-guided program, we highly recommend you complete a thorough exam and have a baseline urine analysis before you start SHAPE. If you are under the care of another prescribing physician, be certain you contact your doctor and let them know you are beginning this program. It is highly probable your medication levels will need adjusting after you lose weight and decrease inflammation (which most likely caused the need for your medication use in the first place).

Your treatment will include regular urinalysis testing to monitor you closely while participating in our SHAPE program. We are confident of your success if you remain consistent with our recommended follow-up during the program as designed.

As with any successful health transformation program, it must be understood: the patient who incorporates fundamentally sound lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) has the greatest hope of long-term success.           

Now that you understand “our” personal journey behind the development of SHAPE ReClaimed, let’s get started on “your” personal journey toward transforming your health.  We have never been this excited in our 38 years of practice. Not only have we witnessed miracles unfolding right before our eyes, we are honored to share SHAPE with our colleagues and love hearing their miraculous stories of success.

It is unfortunate this country thrives on the profits of managing disease rather than putting their priority on improving the health of this nation. There is simply too much profit to be made from our society being sick. What if there was a paradigm shift?

Our goal has always been to help patients regain vibrant health without running up medical debt or expecting them to be at our office two to three times a week. We believe in the biblical principle of the “law of ten fold return.” The more we do to help others, the more we receive in return. Our simple approach to life is to give all we’ve got to whatever we put our hand to and God will bless us ten fold. Living by this principle has blessed us above and beyond our wildest dreams.

We look forward to helping you decrease inflammation and enhance immune function all while eliminating toxic fat. Click on Find a Practitioner to schedule your new patient exam and begin transforming your health TODAY!

When you succeed, share SHAPE with everyone in your life that you care about. Become a part of the biggest mission we face as a society, TRANSFORMING HEALTHCARE: One Patient at a Time! Let us all be a force for positive change. May we all work together for a healthier future!

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