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April 2018 Monthly Newsletter

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Another Successful Professional Agreement Campaign is Behind Us!!!


Thank you for your attention to this important annual responsibility!

The new master password was sent out to all compliant SHAPE practitioners. If you did not receive the email, we need one of two things:

  1. Completed and signed electronic 2018 Professional Agreement
  2. Copy/screenshot of your current credential verification
    • Active license
    • Certification
    • Diploma for ND’s

Please Note:

The master password does not replace your SHAPE shopping cart password. The master password is for the background of the Healthcare Professional tab on www.shapereclaimed.com.



Dr. Beth Bartlett
Dr. Beth Bartlett has been part of the SHAPE ReClaimed family for 5 years.  Her practice is in Northbrook, IL, and is primarily centered around SHAPE. She graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 2001 and is currently working on her certification in Functional medicine, through IFM. Dr. Beth will complete her coursework in October 2018, and will be certified in April 2019.
She has a particular fondness for helping other practitioners build their SHAPE toolkit, specifically focusing on how to build a SHAPE
practice. Dr. Beth can be reached at

Why MOOD ReClaimed?
Br Dr. Todd Frisch

For years, I tried to support emotional issues with nutritional supplementation. I went after emotional problems physiologically. Without a doubt, I am supportive of the world of psychology, unfortunately, they only have counseling and/or prescription medication as their “go to’s.†What role does hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies (or excesses for that matter) play into emotional imbalances? What about PMS, menopause or andropause? Is toxicity an issue?

Truly, one is left with, anything can cause anything!

I’ve seen SHAPE change patient’s personalities, lift them out of depression, calm anxiety and even despair has improved dramatically. I initially thought it was simply from the thrill of shedding toxic weight (as we all know, that is the priority for most.)  As I began using SHAPE on patients who were not struggling with weight issues, but rather extremely inflamed and immune-suppressed, I still witnessed dramatic shifts emotionally.

However, there were always those patients that continued to have emotional problems, even after “attacking†them in a myriad of ways. Always the detective, finding the missing puzzle piece was my driving force and passion to help my patients ReClaim vibrant health.

MOOD ReClaimed is my attempt at formulating a support remedy that can help your patient who is struggling beyond what SHAPE alone can do to help with higher emotional imbalances.


A.T.’s Victory

At 280 lbs, I was at the point where I needed to turn to a professional and seek help. I was constantly tired and in pain. My knees, my back and neck were constantly bothering me. I sought help from medical doctors who prescribed me anti-inflammatory and physical therapy which really did not resolve any of my issues. My mood was awful, and I did not have any interest in anything or anyone because I was so uncomfortable with the way I looked and would get tired so easily.
After only a few months being under the care of Dr. Dolan, I never felt better and lost 40 lbs! My energy was back. I slept so much better. All my pains were gone – literally, all! I was able to get down on the floor to play with my kids and that meant so much to me.

By Jonathan Krueger

We understand the challenges of running a small business and the thrill of a thriving enterprise. Over the last several months, we’ve researched the best possible solution for providing a service that would grant payment flexibility to accommodate your business needs. Beginning next month, you will have the option to either make payments via eCheck & ACH, as well as Debit & Credit cards. We’ve added flexible payment options to your shopping cart experience by utilizing PayStand, a next-gen B2B payment engine, that was recently named by Insights Technology as one of America’s “20 Most Promising Companies to Watch.”

Whether logging into your shopping cart or clicking the link in your invoice, our goal is to provide a seamless experience from your email, computer, or mobile device. Each option available will permit you to either utilize the eCheck & ACH or itemize your credit card charges in your Debit & Credit card as an additional fee. In OUR attempt to save money and reduce expenses, we thought that practicing the Profit First concepts and passing these solutions on to you would benefit the overall growth and profitability of everyone. We encourage you to look into PayStand for your personal practice overhead savings.

We hope that you enjoy your new shopping cart experience. We are here to answer any questions.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety with occasional depression for a while so I’m well versed on techniques to reduce those feelings. I feel like MOOD ReClaimed has just taken the edge off daily stressors and also helped with overall mood. In the month that I’ve taken it, I feel like I’m a bit more cheerful and have a more optimistic outlook. I’m really pleased with how it’s helping.”

Kristen A.
“Mood Reclaimed has been one of those supplements that just “clicks” with me, I can tell when I take it and when I don’t.  Definitely have noticed my energy is better as well as my mood.  I’m glad SHAPE has made this product available.”

Case Study
By Dr. Melissa Bennett

Presenting Complaints:
37 YO female presented in office 4/25/17 with complaints of severe anxiety and depression.  Pt also complains of weight issues, low energy, joint pain and skin issues including acne and occasional eczema exacerbations and dry eye syndrome. Pt also complains of sugar addiction to handle stress.  Pt states she has seasonal allergies, Pt also complains of bloating and passing gas. Pt states she has poor concentration and poor memory. Pt states she occasionally has irregular heartbeat, frequent urination and genital itch.

Is your HEC in check?
By Dr. Janet Yarger

Is your HEC in check?  I recently started asking my SHAPE patients this question.  HEC, which stands for Hunger, Energy and Cravings, is a great monitoring question that I got from Dr. Jade Teta, ND.  I have found that this is a wonderful way to help patients in learning how to adjust their eating based on their HEC.  I explain to my patients that if their HEC is not in check, then they are not burning fat.  It is not about the number on the scale, but how they look and feel.  I tell them that we do not want them to be skinny fat, but to lose toxic fat.  So, if their HEC is not in check, the first thing that I have them do is increase their vegetable consumption for one week.  If that did not get their HEC in check, then the next step is increase their protein.  Finally, if modifying their vegetables or protein did not get their HEC in check, then I have them increase the amount of fat in their diet.  I also ask them to monitor their quality and amount of sleep and assess their MOOD while on SHAPE, as sleep and MOOD are also important factors in shedding toxic fat.  Ultimately, it is important for each patient  to monitor their own eating, as SHAPE is not a one size fits all program.  The key to success is find out what works for them.  Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own success, and I am here to guide them and help them along their journey.

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