The controversy over how much water should one consume daily has gone on for decades, and we’re quite certain, it will continue for decades to come.
Not only do we see tons of posts and recommendations on Facebook about this topic, we know practitioners are all across the board in their opinions of what is considered appropriate daily water consumption. When Facebook members recommend others drink ½ their body weight in water, this recommendation could potentially make matters worse for the person heeding that recommendation and cause a greater imbalance.

SHAPE Central would like to point out the obvious: there is no perfect answer that is a “one size fits all” recommendation for every individual.
SHAPE was designed to be very patient/client specific. We are not all created equal, therefore, we cannot suggest any of the standard recommendations, such as:
• Drink ½ your body weight in water daily – in ozs (i.e: 200 # body = 100 oz water)
• Drink 8 – 8 oz glasses of water daily
• Drink when thirsty
• Don’t drink while eating your meal
• Drink only while eating your meal
With extensive training in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Dr. Todd Frisch, founder and developer of SHAPE, has observed…most morbidly obese patients are kidney deficient. Symptoms may include: low back pain, nighttime urination, edema, joint pain, excess or diminished libido, benign prostatic hypertrophy and menstrual difficulties.

If the kidneys are deficient, then consuming massive amounts of water is not only NOT RECOMMENDED, but may actually be harmful.
Taking a “middle of the road approach,” SHAPE Central advises 48 to 60 oz of water daily…dependent on practitioner recommendation.
All SHAPE practitioners monitor their patients using urine and are able to spot dehydration using this analysis. This is just one of the reasons SHAPE is a hands-on, practitioner monitored program.
We’ve included homeopathic Nat Mur in our formula. Nat Mur is known for its ability to:
• Help maintain fluid balance to combat constipation and dryness
• Help to properly “distribute” fluids in the body
In TCM, constipation and dry skin indicate “dryness,” yet sinus congestion and swelling indicate excess “dampness.” Fluid distribution is a delicate balance and unique to each individual.
We bathe daily, therefore, we also need to bathe the inside of our bodies daily. The human body can be anywhere from 50 to 75% water in its total composition.
We warn against any “one size fits all” recommendations with our SHAPE program.

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