Clinical success has proven the amazing results for TRANSFORMING TOTAL HEALTH when one embraces the tenets of SHAPE’s program. Unfortunately, more often than not, folks become frustrated when their progress begins to slow down. They think the program is no longer working or serving the purpose for choosing SHAPE to restore their health. Even more unfortunate, most put their focus on “weight loss” and the “number on the scale” more than the function of their organs. What if we could shift beliefs to think “blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids, and inflammatory markers were the priority?” What would life be like without constant aches and pains? What if we could convince everyone that seven to nine hours of sleep each night would do wonders toward restoring health? What if we believed we don’t have to live our lives fatigued and stressed to the max? What if we could shift beliefs toward “food is medicine and medicine is food?”

Welcome to the wonderful and transformative world of SHAPE! We can and will TRANSFORM your TOTAL HEALTH if you are willing to embrace what we are teaching and never, ever quit. The possibility exists that somewhere along your journey to restored health, you will feel as though SHAPE is no longer working. To the contrary! Just because “weight loss” has slowed doesn’t mean “metabolic healing” has slowed. Not one of us can pinpoint the long list of healing that is taking place within. You must exercise faith that your body is continuing to heal. The definition of faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something; strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence; Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Just as we have faith in God, yet have never seen God with our very own eyes, we have faith that our body is healing from the inside out in ways we will never see or know.

Some refer to this “slowing” as “stalling.” We are guilty for using this word in the beginning of SHAPE’s life. As we gained clinical success toward total health restoration, we’ve come to believe “stalling” in an inaccurate term. The definition of stall means to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action or operation; to come to a cessation; to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired, (hinder, obstruct, impede, block, halt, hamper, twart, delay, slow.) Therefore, we prefer “stalling” not be used as the body never “stalls” when it comes to “metabolic function.” Our heart beats, our blood circulates, our digestion continues, we breathe, we fight off infections, we heal, etc. SHAPE practitioners are trained in spotting metabolic markers that will effect proper metabolic function and reasons why your progress has slowed.

There will come a point when everyone’s “weight loss” slows and their body settles into a healthy BMI for their height and bone structure. Should your “weight loss” slow, yet you still are holding onto toxic fat, stay the course and your body will eventually honor your efforts and release the toxic fat as it heals.

Now that you understand what constitutes “slowing,” let’s talk about the reasons why your progress may be “slowing.” We like to think of this time as a temporary “rest period” where you may not lose weight but we have faith your body is still in the process of healing.

True metabolic factors to consider:

  1. 1. Hypothyroid, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, leaky gut/food sensitivities, pH fluctuations, immune dysfunction, infections, yeast overgrowth, endocrine imbalances (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, etc.)
  2. 2. Females may be ovulating or on their cycle. These normal hormone fluctuations and short periods of fat storage are necessary to provide energy for female organs to do their job. Remember, your body prepares for pregnancy during ovulation and when there’s no egg fertilization, the uterus has to shed all that extra tissue and blood that has built up. This all requires a lot of energy and our amazing bodies know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it with no effort on our part. It’s pretty cool. Yes, it also seems cruel and unfair but is part of what makes a woman a woman and should be embraced.
  3. 3. You may be “shrinking” or dropping in size. The conversion from fat to lean body mass will result in a decrease in size but not necessarily noted by the number on the scale. Lean body mass weighs four times what fat weighs. In this case, try on that favorite pair of jeans you’ve been trying to squeeze into. You may be surprised to see that you can wear a smaller size at a higher weight.
  4. 4. At times, the brain simply needs to reassess. We don’t exactly understand the mechanism here but know SHAPE is about total health transformation, starting at a neurological level. The brain is trying to assess if “starvation” is occurring. In theory, the body will create fat cells to combat starvation. This is why we believe most diets fail. The urine analysis is used to spot metabolic indicators of starvation. If the brain or body senses any degree of starvation, this will take priority over a drop in weight and rest periods result. Maintaining consistent urine monitoring is crucial for long-term success. Once the brains assessment realizes you are not starving, this “rest period” will end.


Should you find yourself experiencing a “rest period,” and before you panic and begin to think the program is failing you, consider the following:

  1. 1. You may be cheating, without even realizing it. It’s important to read and reread the Patient Guidebook to be sure you know the specific foods allowed in Phase I. It’s equally important to learn to read labels properly (see “CAN I EAT/DRINK???” and what to look for.) Sugar and other toxic ingredients are hidden in many food products, even if the label says, “natural” or “organic.” Terms like “sugar free or fat free” does not mean SHAPE approved. In fact, it most often means “highly toxic and poisonous” and shouldn’t be consumed on any phase.
  2. 2. You may not be eating enough. It is imperative you eat the recommended portions as listed in the Patient Guidebook or as adjusted by your practitioner. We’ve been told forever that in order to “lose weight” we need to “eat less.” While this holds some truth, it is unhealthy to eat less than the recommended amounts listed in your Patient Guidebook. The quality of calories plays a significant role in our program. Diet soda may only have 1 calorie but it is the single most devastating calorie one can put in their body. Once again, if the brain receives a starvation signal, the body will hold on to every bit of fat or build fat cells in order to survive. You may find eating more food will actually help you shed more excess toxic fat. Always eat the amount of food recommended per your unique metabolic needs.
  3. 3. You may be exercising too aggressively. Exercise is important for good health and weight management. Many are exercising excessively with no noticeable results. It seems rather impossible and unfair, right? There is a level of health that is required for exercise to be most effective. If you feel worse after exercising, odds are great that you are dealing with adrenal dysfunction. There is a danger combining the reduced food intake in Phase I: FasTrac with aggressive exercise that could trigger starvation. We are not opposed to exercise during SHAPE, however, you must work closely with your practitioner to determine proper balance. By choosing a healthier lifestyle, SHAPE will help you gain that level of health by reducing inflammation and stored toxins while regulating your body at the neurological level, where exercise improves your energy, mood and maintain your weight.
  4. 4. You may be dealing with an underlying internal conflict or be holding on to false beliefs. Emotional stress plays a tremendous role in physical health. Each of us holds our own “beliefs” about ourselves, others and the world around us. What if your “beliefs” are wrong? Have you invested the time and energy it takes to look within…deep within? Do you harbor unforgiveness, bitterness, or resentment toward yourself or others? Are you willing to lay down “false beliefs and/or lies” that have controlled and manipulated your thoughts for years…possibly decades? Most come to a point in their life when they can no longer run away from or hide from the pain of their past or facing the consequences of poor choices. Though difficult and painful, we all must face and make peace with our “demons.” It is impossible to completely heal physically if we are not healing emotionally. While most of us could benefit from professional emotional guidance to heal from the inside out, many do not have the discretionary funds to pay for such professional help. SELF ReClaimed…ReWrite Your Story, ReClaim your Life was designed as a self-help toolkit to help guide you toward asking yourself the questions it will take to heal from within.

Weight loss may slow. We are confident most “rest periods” will pass. Honor your body and give it the love and kindness it deserves to heal. Remember, you did not gain those excess 20, 50, 100 pounds in a few days or weeks. We tell our patients it takes doing a lot right over a long period of time to regenerate a healthy body. You did not develop type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, auto immune issues or cancer overnight or within a few weeks. Slowly but surely it crept up on you. Slowly but surely your body will release the toxic fat as you continue to stay the course and feed your body how God intended.

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