Get Your Glow on with Dry Skin Brushing!

Linda Howes, CN, HHP – SHAPE Practitioner

Dry skin brushing is a simple time honored therapy with big benefits. Taking only a few minutes a day, skin brushing is an easy, effective, and oh-so enjoyable way to healthy, vibrant, glowing, skin. And if that’s not enough to love, skin brushing also supports the body’s release of weight and reshaping!

The skin is the body’s largest organ, often considered the 3rd kidney, playing a vital role in ridding the body of wastes and toxins. We eliminate over one pound of wastes per day through the skin!

Every cell in the body depends on the lymphatic system for nourishment and waste removal. This system works like a sewer system with over 600 sites, called “nodes” to collect and remove wastes. Lymphatic circulation requires movement, exercise, and adequate water intake to drain efficiently. Skin brushing is an excellent way to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid cleansing the body of wastes and toxins.


  • 1. Exfoliates dead skin, and allows the skin to breathe by opening, unclogging, and decongesting the pores.
  • 2. Increases circulation of blood and lymph, revitalizing and tonifying the skin.
  • 3. Stimulates sweat and oil glands helping to restore moist and supple skin.
  • 4. Reduces cellulite. When the lymph and circulatory systems are congested and stagnant, toxins become trapped in fat cells. Skin brushing helps alleviate cellulite and tightens and tones tissue.
  • 5. Calms the nervous system promoting relaxation. Helpful for insomnia, focus, and for children with sensory integration issues.


  • 1. Use a natural tampico (vegetable fiber), long handled brush. The bristles should be firm, not too soft and not too hard. Avoid synthetic fiber brushes as they may damage and irritate the skin.
  • 2. Your skin and the brush should be dry. The best times to skin brush is before jumping in the shower or anytime you’re changing your clothes.
  • 3. Avoid brushing directly over open wounds or areas of irritation. Carefully brushing adjacent areas will support healing.
  • 4. If you are a newbie begin with a light touch. As the skin becomes more toned you can brush more vigorously.
  • 5. The basic principle is to brush from the extremities towards the center of the body using long, smooth strokes, covering the entire surface area of the skin. Avoid brushing the face and women should avoid direct brushing of the breast.
  • 6. Start at the hands brushing up the arm. Be sure to include the armpit area with its many lymph nodes. Brush in a circular motion around the breast.
  • 7. Brush the upper back area and up the torso front, back, sides.
  • 8. Brush your feet (bottoms and tops), and then move up your legs.
  • 9. Finish by doing clockwise circles over the abdomen.

Below are two brands of skin brushes that might be found in your practitioner’s office, natural food store or co-op, or on-line for around $10 – $12.

Yerba Prima Skin Brush


Bernard Jensen Skin Brush


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