Attention Females: Before you jump into your SHAPE program, please be aware that some could experience breakthrough bleeding. We see this in some who have entered the first stages of menopause. Maybe they haven’t experienced monthly menstrual cycles in months or even a year or more. Naturally, most women will be concerned.

Please understand: excess estrogen is stored in fat. When SHAPE starts breaking down stored fat, this excess estrogen is released into the system and bleeding can occur. This is a good thing. Stored excess estrogen is NOT healthy. 80 to 85% of all breast cancers today are estrogen receptor positive. Our observation is that those who have this happen typically experience a cycle or two, then transitions back into menopause naturally.

For all menstruating females, some may experience heavier than normal bleeding or more frequent bleeding for a short time as their body is releasing this toxic stored estrogen.

Don’t be alarmed, ladies. Please contact your practitioner and make them aware as most will offer additional supplementation to support estrogen metabolism.


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